Pirate Captain Maylie

An Ex-toa, now turned pirate, with a shark-like tail, Captain Maylie strikes fear into the hearts of sailors. With her chaingun pegleg and swords, her and her crew plunder the windswept isles to the South East of the Forge and the Ash Islands.

She used to be on a Toa Team with Kardax but was presumed dead on a mission to defeat a sea beast. In truth she lost her leg and transformed into the terrifying being she has now become.


The shaping in her is so well done, very cohesive and detailed, but not busy. I like the gold accents throughout, and definitely get a great pirate vibe from her!


Ah very nice! The lore is really cool and the moc is well-done to match! The shaping and color blocking are pretty neatly executed here and the overall “pirate” vibe is quite prevalent. Great job