Pirate Mage of Heartport


Masks painted by Modalt Masks


Is that a girl which with a skull spider mask? It’s pink…plus hair… Plus hearts… Plus…skulls?

Nice MOC as always, that “fire” at the skull grinder masks look awesome!


And clikits! Can’t forget what is indisputably the greatest lego theme ever made.


This is totally not anime. Totally, also the skull spider mask works really well

10/10 visitors would not recommend sailing near this port.

This is great.

This is absurd and I love it.


I love this so much, It feels like spring and Valentine’s Day and Halloween all at once, it’s speaking directly to my heart. This is amazing, you’re amazing.

Fantastic, gotta say those skulls look a lot like lost souls

Very creative parts usage here. Looks like you had a lot of fun making this. Love the pink Skull Spider mask as well.

Incredible design and theme. And who doesn’t love Modalt Masks?

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Wow, Amazing brick build!

Looks like something right out of a bizarre anime, well done.

This is fantastic. Excellent work :slight_smile:

Now here is some parts usage I have not seen before. You outdo yourself.