Pirean's art topic

So, I’ve been meaning to make an art topic for a while. I finally am committing to it, so here goes.
First off, we’ll go with this old Tahu sketch I made, with Narmoto for bad scale (the sketch is actually the same height as the Tahu set; it was something I didn’t realize, considering I only used instruction manuals for him, until I actually got the set.)

Note the date, please: I procrastinate all too much.
Honestly, there’s a lot of detail in this: I should’ve tried to cut that down.
Whatever; let’s move onto the next ones, starting from the past to the present.

@Political_Slime/@Ranaki_Lokiwa campaign, sometime in summer 2015.

It’s supposed to be @Risebell v. strange lightning demon; I failed miserably.

Good Guy in CCBS.

Some ol’ 10-minute @Takua drawing; also a failure.

Skull… Slicer? Ewww…

@Nyran and @OculusNuva sketch; like I said, really old. There might be a topic floating out there with this.

I was going to do this drawing of @LORD_AND_SAVIOR_atYRAN(StudentScissors) and I, but gave up. Pretty much the norm.
Discarded self-portrait.

Tahu in Ta-Magna, from that Time after Time fanfic (clean) I made a while back. I’ll return to it, although that might be later. XP

Brutaka in Ko-Magna, same “serial”.

Unfinished Ga-Magna sketch; I’ll finish it later.

A sketch from that comic book (novelization) cover, “52”. If I’d gotten to finishing@Booster_Gold, it would’ve been much better, but I never did. Human faces are much too hard.

Zane sketch.

TTV amiibos, courtesy of MT’s long-dead topic. Don’t worry about him; I’ve chatted with him on Skype, and he’s fine.

A bunch of OCs based on @WarmSilverMedley(ColdGoldLazarus), @Pearlfingerstudios(MiddleFingerStudios), and @Cordak_the_Cynical_Makuta. Not my best.

Said OCs in an “anniversary” drawing. I call them cultists because that’s what they are: a supposed cult formed by an atheist. The anniversary portion represents the anniversary of their creation.
(Please note: this is not based on any group whatsoever. I state the truth, though the other part of this is that @Tak210 was a friend of mine who helped me process this. That’s the truth, and only the unvanquished truth.)

This would be something I attempted called “TTV: City of Corruption”. The whole plot was that the Bionicle fan base had been conquered by every malificent individual to ever walk the face of Bionicle’s fans, and TTV & BZP staff fighting back to regain the throne, but I discarded it due to:
-1: Lack of effort.
-2: The stupidity of the plot.
-3: See 2 again.

Binokallz: avdenchre 3 5ive. Just me attempting (and failing) at being funny.

2016 Toa harnessing the elements; it’s probably the only good work I’ve done.

TTV cartooning: only the checked ones get inked.

I’m sure you know who these two are; like practically all of them, this was made mostly with memory.

Cartooning with the Toa; this was where I realized I couldn’t cartoon, no matter how hard I tried. What is above doesn’t count.

Gali sketch. I’m actually quite proud of how this turned out.

That is Umarak.
(No kiddin’; I thought he was Kulta.)

What I Made for April 1st. I tried to make Iron Kahi have dimension, but it failed. Rip in Kahi’s differently-sized limbs, and Cap’s strange right forearm.

A bunch of avatars I made for “friends”: while MFS, Nyran, and Tak look superb, CGL and @Vuhii got the short end of the stick.

One of those drawings I’m more proud of; all I had for context were my FFoDB(Destiny’s Bounty)'s and Cole’s Boulder Blaster’s instruction manuals. Do you know how hard it is to draw shadow Garmadon when you barely remember what the minifig looks like? I’ll probably fix it a bit, but for now, it is what it is.
I’ll probably update this topic when I have more drawings to share, like those more particularly ancient, but for now, enjoy!

Update: I will NOT accept requests. If you want a request, make me a MOC or leave.

http://board.ttvpodcast.com/uploads/db5640/original/3X/5/6/56a764b955a816d73367a6fd40fd8eed38c1a53c.jpg Made for @JMP.



One word:

Are you talking about how bad it is, or one thing else?

These are great. :+1:

Now, I don’t see how garbage could ever be good.

This is pretty solid work! I especially like the one with Darth Vader and Luke, and the avatars for Nyran, Tak, and MFS.


Can you Draw me

These are some fantastic looking drawings! mind if I request something?

I love the CCBS Good guy. and the other drawings are nice too.

No, how do you create these masterpieces? These are amazing!

No, in fact. I understand that you want me to draw something for you, but you’re just going to ask @tak210; I don’t like you scummy humans.
Also, Raptor, make me a MOC and we’ll see. :wink:

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But I love your Artwork

Hold on- how can you appreciate garbage?

Once again, I am encouraged to git gud at art.

Whoops, mistakes have been made here. Ignore this.

Something I attempted for @JMP, because why not?


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I like these

I especially like the Umarak

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I just love how I’m not getting any feedback from that Ninjago “poster”, when it’s practically my best piece here.

Then again, the best in the wastebasket is still trash. XP

Thank you.