Pit Axonn

“What’s happening to me?”

Axonn couldn’t accept Brutaka being left to rot in the Pit. One way or another, he would save his old friend’s soul. Without hesitation, Axonn dove into the sea of Voya Nui and swam down. The further he went, the stranger he felt. He was… shifting. Changing. Contorting. The mutagen widened his body and caused a hard, spikey shell to grow on his back. His axe fused with his right hand, and tubes sprouted from his torso. Now sufficiently aquatic, Axonn began his hunt for his fallen comrade.

This is a little building project I’ve been working on for a Halloween contest on Biomino. I needed to make a mov of a Bionicle set with a spooky twist, and I settled on making a mutated version of Axonn.

My main inspiration for the build was the snapping turtle. Axonn is a large, bulky, lumbering titan, so I wanted his mutations to account for that. Turtles are bulky and lumbering, and I would argue that snapping turtles are fairly spooky, so I settled on that as the main design concept. Thus, he is very spikey and well-armored.

"Stay back, Barraki scum!"


I feel like he could use some claws on the right hand, but I’m overall neat concept and execution.


ooo fun!


Looks awesome! I’d only change one thing: the Hordika feet to Kalmah ones cuz they look like flippers/fins


This is a sick moc! He definitely looks like a snapping turtle.


Both of these are great ideas! I wasn’t sure about claws, but looking back on it it does make sense. The Kalmah feet sound like a pretty good idea, though. I’ll see if I can integrate them.


This moc looks really good. I like the “what if” idea that you went with Axonn journeying into the pit to find Brutaka, and the moc certainly reflects that idea. Spikes, fins, weird legs, the axe. Overall a nice moc.