Pitch: Onua's Backstory, the Civil War, and Foreshadowing

With the recent TTV brickonicle podcasts, it’s been really exciting to hear how Toa’s story and background are developed to further the civil war plot. I’d like to pitch an idea to help develop Makuta’s involvement with the (Onu) Matoran tribes; specifically how his schemes help push a nomadic and withdrawn tribe to involve themselves in war while establishing of Onua’s character as a “parent figure” to the Toa. In addition, this pitch will help preview the possible arc two with Karzahni!

During the first year of Brickonicle, Makuta sends the Rahkshi to a deep jungle shrine, to locate an ancient mask: Karzahni’s forgotten Mask of Alternate Futures. They locate the mask, and bring it to the trader Ahkmou (an agent of Makuta) with explicit instruction that it is to be traded to Onua’s family with some other goods from the stone region. Onua’s wife, being of the Nature tribe, is fascinated by treasures from Artahka’s past that are hidden in the dark of the the Jungle. She is excited by the ancient mask and wants to share her discovery with Onua when he returns from his duties as Toa. However, while playing, one of Onua’s children puts the mask on, activating its cursed power, causing everyone in Onua’s village to transform into writhing, tentacle-like plants.

Later on, the Rahkshi are seemingly defeated and Onua decides it time to return to his family…but he is shocked to discover his village empty, and covered with the vines. He doesn’t understand his family’s fate, but it is apparent that the most recent visitors were traders from the village of stone. Onua worries his friends and family have been kidnapped, and decides to gather the a group of warriors to rescue his family from the Stone Tribe.

As he leaves, Onua fails to notice he is being watched. Six glowing eyes blink in unison, as a mask emerges from the foliage in his rafters…it is the cursed mask, now occupied by some spirit. Carried by vines, it snakes through the canopy above, and slowly retreats into the overgrowth to disappear…for now.

So that’s the pitch. As Onua learns to accept his family is gone, he can develop as he moves from loss and grief to acceptance. Not only does this help him to be more relatable, it also helps him to more easily adopt the mentor roll with the other Toa as they become his new family. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea, and on how Onua’s tribe can be more involved in the plot!


Cool pitch.

I was confused about the “turned to plants” thing, but realized the transformation was a similar effect to the Rahkshi transformation from using the Mask of Time.

And a callback to the Karzahni Plant too! :smiley:

Hopefully that’s not too corny though. (not a plant pun)