Pizzacheetah's "Normal" Christmas

Christmas is an interesting time of the year. One I don’t usually look forward to, for different reasons than most. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is great, but when you’re part of a dysfunctional and separated family, and you have to spend half of every holiday at your dad’s and the other half at your mom’s, you get tired of holidays. Now, let’s not talk about the pitiable stuff, that’s not what this is about. Well, it is, but that’s just a part. You see, my family (at my mom’s) has a tradition. If someone gets a movie for Christmas (which always happens) we watch it that night (Christmas Eve, as I spend Christmas day at dad’s). Last year, I got Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. This is by no means a Christmas movie, but we watched it. This year, we got mom Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. This one is even less appropriate, but it doesn’t matter, we had a great time. My older sister Linda came back, and thankfully I had her to talk to when our parents were being stubborn and a right pain. When I got to dad’s, we went to see the newest Star Wars movie. I am, of course, a huge fan of Star Wars. Dad kinda ruined it by picking it to shreds on the way home and being close-minded about the approach the movie took, but I still enjoyed it (no spoilers, but it’s worth your while to go see). Honestly, Christmas was just awkward. It always is with me, but something amazing happened. My oldest sister Paula, who lives in Seattle and didn’t come back to Hawaii this year, made everyone’s day. She got a stuffed animal snake for my mom, who grew up with a handmade “Snakey,” and recently got rid of him because he was old and falling apart. Needless to say, she cried. She also gifted me Undertale, and an awesome ■■■■■ in my favorite color. I didn’t even get to see or talk with her this Christmas (other than texting, which doesn’t really count), but she was the reason this Christmas wasn’t so bad.


That’s a really touching story. You really must really have a lovely sister. I can relate to you with the whole parents spilting up, but this story is just really nice.

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Thank you, I was hoping it might bring some warmth to someone this season. Also I really wanted to show off that ■■■■■, it’s amazing.

Yeah, that ■■■■■ is awesome :smiley:

Your Seattle sister seems to be the sweetest person. I hope you got her something special as well.

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I sent her a nice hat that I know she’ll like, and a children’s book (she’s almost 25 with an English Major, and she still loves children’s books).

dude, that’s awesome (both your sister and the ■■■■■)

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Very touching story. Your sister is one of the people who make the Christmas season happier for all of us.