Pizzacheetah's Rahkshi Revamp V1.0

The first form of my Rahkshi revamp. My goal here was to modify the original design in a way that made it fit in better with my head-canon and look cool, without drastically changing it. I welcome constructive criticism as always, and hope you enjoy! (Also, I apologize for low quality pics, I don’t exactly have the best setup for good pictures.)


looks bit messy and weird… gorilla arms, the tail, extra claw arms, the spikes even. they don’t work honestly, I’m sure you can fix it, but this moc is decent

not meant to be mean, just sharing critique/personal opinions


So… basically all the deviations from the original design didn’t pay off? I mean, I don’t exactly disagree with you, but do you know what you would’ve done instead?

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Uhhhhhh… No.


I’d say remove the hordika torso’s and you have a pretty cool creation :+1:


Yeah, it’s mostly there to distribute the silver more throughout. Do you think I should use silver Rahkshi legs instead of black ones when I remove the torso armor, or do you think completely black legs will be fine?

hmm I think on this Moc just keeping them black would be better.

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I like the idea of a Rahkshi having a tail, and those spikes are sweet, but I’m not too much of a fan of the cluttered look, I think if you clean it up a bit, it’d look great! :smile:

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I agree, @Darknova3529. The gray on the upper legs helps balance it out, so the silver isn’t necessary.

@PekekoaOfJungle Yeah, the torso still feels messy in its connections (especially the tail connection), I’ll have to see what I can do armor-wise to hide it.

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Got the start of a solid structure going, perhaps a few touch ups needed

The tail looks good IMO

Spikes seem to blend well

The lower arms just aren’t working for me, maybe use those balljoints for more armor coverage instead?

Upper arms being unarmed gives an incomplete feel Red breaks up the color scheme

Hordika armor doesn’t really work for legs. It’s too bulky.

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Working on V2 right now, I’ve removed the Hordika torso armor and lower arms, the red pins will remain for now, but I want to attempt to incorporate a little more red to balance it, and I redesigned the torso to make it a little more concrete. I also changed the tail attachment point to make it more flush with the spines. Should have a pic up soon.

UPDATE: Finished V1.5, not enough changed to call it a V2, but hopefully it looks better now. Still trying to work on the upper arms without hindering articulation, they’re in quite the tight spot as is.


The better lighting this time is appreciated :P. It’s looking much better now. Just needs a bit of something for those arms. If limiting articulation is an issue, Metru leg armor will work at the very least.

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