Plans for multiple Makuta

Where there always plans for there to be multiple Makuta or was it though of later. If so, when?


I’m 98% sure that there wasn’t. Mainly due to the fact teridax is referenced as “the makuta” or “makuta”, and how there is never a mention of many makuta making rahi just one, and finally he is said to be mata nui’s brother.


The first time Makuta alludes to other members of his kind is in Legends of Metru Nui, where he invites Vakama to join him and his brothers. But I also seem to recall Greg saying the idea came about in 2005.

To my knowledge, no, that was not part of the original plan. But I also don’t know how far the original plan extended in detail, since no one expected the line to last as long as it did.


I think there he was referring to Krekha, Nidhiki, and Nivawk, since he’d just absorbed them.

I doubt that Teridax would consider any of those three as his brothers. He’s very arrogant, and “has no allies, for he has no equals”. He is most likely referring to the other Makuta I think.

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Since the Brotherhood of Makuta became a thing later, I figured he meant his brothers as in the other members of the organization…at least at that point in the story. There were little bits of exposition in the novels and tie in books about Makuta being a mentor to Sidorak, and I figured maybe there were more characters like that who were his disciples.

Mata Nui and Makuta (you know which one) had been “brothers” for all that time. Makuta might have been offering Vakama ascension to become a titan set in 2005, or at least make him a lieutenant in the Brotherhood.

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The brotherhood of Makuta was a thing established atleast as early as 2005, if not 2004. (Which funnily enough lead to speculation that ‘Makuta’ was,not only a species, but also the name of the species, as would be revealed in 2008.) The brotherhood was mentioned by name in a series of BZPower posts called “BIONICLE Myths and Misconceptions” which was written in 2005-2006 by a fan, debunking way old misconceptions like Toa turning back into Matoran. So, it was established in canon by the time of 2005, and presumably by the story team, in 2004 atleast.

But of course; That doesn’t mean that the brotherhood was originally intended to be composed of Makuta, nor that it was part of the original story bible, which it probably wasn’t at all.

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Makes sense. I think the Brotherhood was a 2005 reveal, with the Hagah and the Time Trap episode.