Plasma Stryfe rifle (Nerf)

I spent the past week painting my new main,

and despite the problem of the new clear coat I bought basically melting the paint (psa, don’t buy rustoleum)

it was finished,
As such I decided to show her off here.

The paint bled, then it melted, but it turned out pretty ok.


Nice job.

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Nice choice of colors.


Rust-Oleum paint or Rust-Oleum clear-coat?

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I have the stryfe. It’s a good nerf gun.
Good job.

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Clear coat, haven’t tried the paint, I use krylon for both usually.

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A nice paintjob with a cool combination of colors.

I’ve always been interested in Nerf, but never actually got into it. I like seeing Nerf mods and paintjobs.


I completely forgot to update when I got the cqc kit,
Better late than never I suppose.