Playlists for my fanfiction

I have now created two playlists which document the music that I think fits with my fan fiction Book 1 Unity. The music in these playlist do not belong to me, their just music that I think fit into the story. Another thing to add is that not all the music in these playlists are bionicle related. Also, I will be adding bionicle music to these playlists and will only be using the lyrical music for special events in my story. Their will also be a key to help with the organization of the music.

This is the playlist for Book 1 Unity: Le Koro. Each chapter will correspond with the following music:

Prologue (Bionicle Story theme)
Soldier Training (Mom’s hometown - Hawaiian breeze)
Kongu (Queen’s Aloha Oe C - Aquatic ambience)
Mount Tyfus (Aria math - Tamacun)
Krika (Monkey’s delivery service - Light’s theme B)
Breakfast (The Old Fusa Path - Freestyle)
The Ignika (Beach chant - Anime cricket sound effect)
Friendship Training (Celebration Suite - Chief Taravana)
Invasion (Ocean sounds - Volare)
Out at Sea: Night 1 (Tripping Upstairs - Fnaf 4 bell noises)

This is Book 1 Unity: Ta Koro playlist. This one isn’t finished yet. Here’s the key for that:

The Makuta (Fire Nation - L no nakama)
Arrival (Le Wahi - Fire sound effect)
The Clues (Biome fest - Lancer’s theme)
Icarax (Hail, Paemon! - Puka B)

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very nice!

Sorry since you didn’t create that music, it has to be close.