Playset Brick variants?

So, I’m trying to weed out the damaged parts on my Tower of the Toa and Piraka Stronghold sets, when I noticed that they both had different variants of various bricks, specifically the 1x2, 1x3, etc. To be more specific, I’m talking about how some of them have solid tubes in the bottom, while others have tubes with holes in them. I was wondering if anyone knows what they were actually released with, since Bricklink doesn’t keep track of this stuff (and I don’t fully trust them with this kind of minutia anyways).

Anyone out there have the knowledge to assuage my bizarre obsessions?

I think the difference is that the solid tube one is an earlier mold

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Those sets came out at a time when lego was switching out a few moulds for newer versions as far as I can tell. It was also when they switched back to pre 06 silver for Bionicle parts.
The Lava Chamber Gate set I got back then actually had one tower with the older parts and one with the newer.
The same thing happened in 05 with lego switching out their preferred gold. Hence the flat dark and pearl gold variants of Kraahkan and Vhisorak shells.