Please Add a Friends List


I Don’t see why having a friends list is THAT bad as everyone points out.

I mean, if you don’t like the term ‘Friend’ look at something like XenForo where you can have Followers and such.

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Yes, it was a joke.
That doesn’t mean it suddenly becomes relevant to what I said.
“Some of you are treating the site more like facebook than a message board”
“Because bionicle fans have no friends /s”

My comment states how because people have friends on the boards, they are treating the boards more like social networking than a message board.

You counter with a sarcastic comment about how my post somehow implies that the boards members have no friends.


Personally I don’t see the point to them, and as Scar (I think) pointed out above, TTV has to use what the developers offer on the site, and I’m pretty sure a friends list isn’t on there.

What’s the point to them, though? I just don’t understand the appeal of it. At all.

You can make a mental note of people you are friends with on here. It’s bad enough people think us masters are in a clique, we don’t need any more of this kind of thing on here. We can all be nice to eachother and be a friendly community.


Let me stop you right there. No, it would not be a good idea. This is a message board, not a social networking site (is that the right terminology? feel free to correct me if it is not). I have come to accpet this. Plus I feel that would make us a little too similar to BZP for my taste.

Plus what people have said about people spamming firend requests can happen. And recently I have had to deal with a spammer in one of my DA groups, so I really don’t feel like dealing with them here too. And that isn’t even mentioning all the pests I have had to deal with on DA and Tumblr.

Also everybody has a point: If there is no friend list function, TTV cannot implement it.

And why would you want a firend list here when you have friend lists on other websites? Just find your people and add them there.

Honestly I see no point in a friend list function. I wanted one at first, but then I realized it would be pointless. You know who is your friend, you don’t need a friend list to remind you of that.


A friends list might be cool

But what I REALLY want is an enemies list.



Yeah, that way I can put YOU on it, Jogn.


I think this was previously addressed some time in the distant past. Who needs friends anyways?


Everyone who’s read two or three of my posts would instantly be on this list.

As in people you don’t like, or people who don’t like you? Or just both?

As if I need another reminder that no one likes me…

Genius idea!

I need a hit list.



I have a friends list.

It is called…

Actually, I can’t think of a joke.


I mean, we have skype, discord, pm, etc. I don’t think we need a friends list.

But what I REALLY want is an enemies list.


In the words of the wise Mantax,“I don’t have friends. I just have enemies I haven’t killed yet.”


You are all my enemies.

I think somehow everyone skipped over this part.

Regardless of whether TTV should implement a Friends List, the hard facts say they cannot without developer implementation. That’s that.

However, for the sake of discussion, let’s say that, sometime in the near future, the developers of the software decide that friend lists are a good idea. Rather than look at the negatives, let’s look at the positives. Why should TTV install the software? What potential benefits would it provide to the Boards?


Civil War…


I mean if you can’t remember who your friends are. You are the worst person on the planet.


Your grandma with Alzheimer’s would say hi, if she wasn’t the worst person on the planet.


Too far.

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One of the few posts to describe Ranaki in two words.

On topic: BZP had a friend list, and I guess seeing people on that friend list did make me feel better about myself. But that was mainly because I have no friends IRL.



My friends list is FULL of people who have Piraka avatars.


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