Plural Reviews: LEGO Star Wars 75132 First Order Battle Pack

Hello and welcome to the review of Set Number 75132, The First Order Battle Pack. It is from the Star Wars theme, includes 88 pieces, and retails for $12.99 in the United States.

So, let’s start off with the most important part of any Battle Pack, the Minifigures. Here, we get four different figs; The First Order Technican, Crewmember, Stormtrooper, and Heavy Artillery Stormtrooper.

This is where the set’s biggest issue becomes apparent; the Army Building nature of these types of sets is lost. We only get one non-specialized Stormtrooper, A.K.A The most basic Foot Soldier of the First Order. At the same time, we are getting three figures that you would guess would be a bit more uncommon in their army.

First up, we have our two Stormtroopers.

They really catch the movie’s suit designs with the amount of detail that is included on the Torso, Helmet,and Legs. Underneath their large head protector sits two of the pretty common Clone heads.

The only gripe I have with either one of these figs is with the Heavy Artillery Trooper. Although the vest was caught very well, I think a physical piece would’ve been nice. Not only would it allow us to decide whether or not we wanted two Standard Stormies, but it would allow the thicker look of the vest to become a bit more apparent. I can see why they didn’t do it, though. That theoretical vest piece would have to make a new element, and then they would need to find a way to make the Suspenders of the piece move under the rather low-hanging bottom portion of the Helmet.

Here's the Technician and Crewmember.

Both share the same Torso printing; a sort Jumpsuit. The thing that really differentiates the two are their Headgear, with the Technician having a hat with the First Order’s insignia, rather than the Crew’s pointed helmet. I really like both.

Underneath the Crewmember’s helmet is a rather stressed-out looking dude. I’m gonna call him Sprinkles Jrabblestin.

Here’s our structure for the set, the turbolaser.

It’s basically a cool, little, Light Blueish-Gray and Black Turret. The main gimmick of the set is its Studshooter. It sits on a Turntable, meaning it can be moved both left and right. It can also move up and down, allowing for all the movements. Thankfully, this is not its only play feature.

In the front and back of the base, there are these little flaps. One side holds refills for the Studshooter; two in Trans-Bright Green and two in Trans-Red.

The other provides a little control module.

This automatically makes the playability of the set a bit more complex, allowing the Crewmember and Technician to do something while the Stormtroopers are fighting.

Overall, I think it was a Nice Addition to the set. So, let’s wrap this up.

As an Army Builder, this set fails horribly, but if we are just going off of its playability, It’s fantastic. If you're a Star Wars Fan and want a First Order Stormtrooper, you should pick it up.


This is a neat little set, but it really needs another set in order to really enoy it. If anything this is more of a base builder than an army one.

Great review!

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Thanks. :smile:

This set seems pretty cool but definitely not worth 15$.

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good review, completely agree about the heavy trooper

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