Poharu Mirai, the Knight of Storms

Revamped version of my Self-Moc Poharu.


could we have some more photos

They're up now, I accidentally created the topic too early.

It is amazing
The Sword is great
the Body is great
what are those two things on his back
the tentacle like things Solidus uses?

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Thanks, They are something vaguely intended to be a scarf.

Can it switch masks? I feel like Gali's mask would look better on the head and protector's mask on the waist.

Very very very very like the lower legs!
The rest is great too.

Lower legs be amazing. Love the rest too.

I'd like to see more photos, maybe some of the side and the back, but this is pretty cool.

I love this, particularly the shaping and the design of the legs.

This is Awesome.

From what I can see so far, this MOC looks amazing! I love how well the torso and legs flow, plus the use of the wing pieces on the lower legs!

Looks great! I really like the use of the Gali Master mask on the chest.

The Gali master mask looks a little odd on their chest, but that's just my opinion. The lower legs are incredible, by the way.

Them logs tho.


Ooh, I like the scarfs. More mocs need scarfs.

I think this looks awesome!
The color scheme is consistent and the texture flows really well!
The weapon's really neat as well!

Those lower legs are genius.

But I can't help but be distracted by the face on the chest...

Everything about this MOC.