Pohatu, Dark-scarred

This is Pohatu as a villain. He was in a battled Teridax with his first team, a battle which resulted in the deaths of his entire team, excluding himself. Teridax, on his dying breath, cursed him into demonic perversion. He is now a monster that feeds on fear and malice, and he is a forced to be reckoned with.




With wings spread:


Now those are what I call cool wings



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Almost looks like electricly shaped wings

You’re getting better and better at moccing!

This guy looks great. The backstory works, the colour scheme is good, the proportions are good, the weapon is good, and the wings are incredible I can only wish I had that many black Phantoka wings.

The only flaw I could point out would be the back, which is quite bare.

Giganticus wings!!! [quote=“Mr.Monopoly, post:5, topic:46894”]
I can only wish I had that many black Phantoka wings.

So can I.

The wings look super cooooool! Great job!

The back is covered in black armor.

Those wings… Those sweet huge wings… But those shoulder panels… Those horrible panels… And the black that takes too much of the colour scheme…

gappy and those wings, though many may say they’re awesome, they shouldn’t be so big. they dont look very effective, try to make them smaller but fuller, also shorten their distance from the shoulders. and those shoulders they are also very gappy.
he is also very thin

the wingspan is actually around the correct bredth to achieve lift if this character’s weight was around that of an average human.

a large pteranodon weighed around 95 kg (around 209.4 lbs) and had a wingspan of about 6 m (about 19.7 feet) for comparison


i mean the lack of webbing between the bones

I was more responding to this portion of your criticism [quote=“controller_of_ice, post:10, topic:46894”]
, they shouldn’t be so big.

but yes they are too gappy to achieve any real lift should they have been on an actual creature.

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ok i accept that, but what about the gappiness of the stomach

That’s where the torso joint is.