Pohatu G2 (but different and better) and Pohatu as a matoran

WThis is my personal take on Pohatu 2016 and a matoran form for him. Thanks BlackBoltJohnson for giving me the idea to build Pohatu a hammer. C&C much appreciated.

Edit: Sorry for the out-of-order pictures, I’ve been having some glitches with the site lately.


The matoran looks okay. Pohatu however needs some work. The sticks out way too much and the black doesn’t really work. Unfortunately, I would have to say that this Pohatu is worse than the original


I like the matoran version a lot, but I think the toa version needs some work. Mainly around the neck area. Bringing it down would help or maybe building around it a bit like you did on the matoran.

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@BioKnight Okay.

@Vicroen Good idea thanks

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