Pohatu Master of Stone: 2001 style

Hey all, so I wanted to remake Pohatu yet again, this time having a build that resembled his Mata form a bit more. Check it out:

As you can see, I wanted to have the leg function return to its rightful place. My biggest complaint would be the gaps to the arm connection being a bit bare. However, I think I managed to get his stature right. To emphasize that he’s meant to be the fast one, I wanted to bulk up his thighs, hips don’t lie I guess.

Random Pose 1, another problem I have is how big his hands are. Even then though I think they look accurate, I’ve also seen the foot design done several times, still looks really noice :grin:.

Simple Height comparison between his actual Master form. The legs are the same, but the torso and neck boost him up to be at Lewa and Gali’s height.

Random Pose 2, ‘look at mah bulging muscles!’ anyway, the boulder was just a little bonus I had, mainly because I didn’t have the original.

Hope you like :slight_smile:.


His head should be a bit hunched over like the original, but other then that I really like this version of Pohatu.

I’ve tried this before. Yours came out much better.

Thank you very much :grin:. It may not look like it from those different angles, but his head is hunched over, even if it isn’t that visible.

Thank you very much :grin:.


I’m sorry, I really don’t like this, aside from the hands looking alright this just looks painful, the add-ons on the feet have always and will always look awful, the add-ons on the thighs just look awkward, the rock add-ons don’t really work for me, and of course the upside down torso looks like an upside down torso, which just hurts to look at.


Upside down pohatu works with the mata build, not so much with CCBS.
for constructive criticism I agree with all of what @payinku said.

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That’s fine, everyone has their opinion. It was more of a test to see what others would think. I also was trying to base it off the original Pohatu as much as possible (still think the thighs look alright).