Pohatu Mata Fanart

Freaking love it, shading looks beautiful


the hips,
his signature steel-toes are barely there,
he's not hunched enough,
the hands just feel, off,
I miss his shoulder balls.

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Not sure how the hands are off, they look like the sets to me, but you do have a point about the rest.

I like the details, but the torso feels a bit off. I don't know what to correct about it, though.

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U are one clever typer

Love the artwork

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This is what I have so far with the redo of the drawing. The premise was to capture the appearance of the 01' set well, while still trying to pay attention to more human proportions. I widened the hips some more and reversed the torso pistons to resemble the sets torso. I also configured those shoulder balls in a way that I personally liked, added more of a hunch, and made the lower legs and feet larger like on the real set.


This is looking pretty sweet. I think that the shoulder ball on the left arm has an issue with the perspective, as the other shoulder's grey bit seems to be facing outward, while the left one looks like it;s facing forward comparatively.
And the feet look really nice too.


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