Pohatu Mata Fanart

Back in 2011, I drew a picture of Pohatu Mata kicking a boulder. Looking back at it now, I really disliked the look of it, so I decided to do my own twist on the Toa of Stone in his original form.

Version 1
The right leg looks slightly asymmetrical, so I'll probably tweak it later on.

Version 2


It looks Gr8 M8! Have some C8k. birthday


Here's a Happy Panda! panda_face

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+1 +1

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Why does he have the symbol of the Empire on his chest? The mask and feet are a little odd, but other than that it's ok.

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Lol I guess it looks similar, but Its supposed to resemble a heart light

What exactly do you find odd about the mask?

Thanks for the feedback by BTW.

It looks smushed, like someone stepped on it too hard.

Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, I'll try and fix that.

This looks fantastic! Have a PekekoaOfJungle® Brand Cookie! cookie

The mask looks weird, though...


Seeing how you already took the Cookie, I should probably put some sort of ownership onto the Rice Cracker :rice_cracker:. Hmmm.

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Fine, but if you get a cereal... rage


/s smile

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I like it!

.....I.....I.....it looks amazing.

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honestly, you changed so much I could barely tell it's pohatu.

which is not to say the art is bad, just that it looks nothing like pohatu to me.

I have to agree with @Payinku. The art is really good....but it's just not Pohatu.

Still, great artwork. I especially love the forearms. smiley

Is it because the hips are not wide enough? Is there not enough emphasis on his legs?

Yeah, I think that's it. Pohatu has always been known for his obesity wide hips, and when you slim him down, he just looks like any generic Toa. :/


looks really good dude smile