Pohatu Minifigure [Concept Art]

I recently rediscovered TTV and found out about this project via the latest podcast. I thought it was pretty interesting so I started drawing this while listening:

I went with Medium Nougat as the main colour as sort of a mid ground between Pohatu’s past orange and brown colourations. The secondary colour is supposed to be a dark chrome as a nod to Hewkii’s colouration. Having dual molding on both arms and legs on the toa might be a little excessive in terms of potential price but I did it anyway.

Admittedly boomerangs probably make more sense as air weapons but Pohatu Master had them and I liked them quite a bit (ignoring their weird rocket boot mode), though I also threw in his G1 toe guard things as additional weapons.

Credit to JediTimeLord824 for the nuva symbol window on the breastplate idea.


That is some really solid printing; good mix between mechanical and tribal aesthetics (though more mechanical elements would be better). Also that Lego logo on the boomerang is :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the shoutout! This is really good. The only thing that throws me off is the mask, which just looks a bit weird to me. But this really nice!

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I agree, I just didn’t want to clutter it up too much.

Yeah, I’m not terribly fond of the mask myself but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I didn’t like. I think a smoother design might be better but I’ll have to experiment a bit.

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I like most of the drawing but im not a fan of the face, the mouth exposed seems unnecessary and unpleasant

It’s pretty good but his eyes make him look like he’s seen something he shouldn’t have seen.

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I’m not big on the facial expression, but the printing makes a nice mesh of technical and tribal aesthetics and I love the boomerang.

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