Pohatu Phantoka Revamp

You heard it. The orange Propeller Lord of Time himself.

I tried to make it look like this could be an actual set; I also tried to make it look like the original Pohatu Phantoka while incorporating some of Pohatu Nuva from 2002. Some inspiration came from ToaTiome, on deviantArt. So without further adieu, here he is!

I also included some of his construction, if anyone is interested.

So, what do you think?


Pretty nice. The build itself is nothing out of this word, being pretty standard, but the concept is good and overall better than the original. The asymmetrical shoulder pad does bother me, though.


It’s like that for two reasons. One: I only had one of those parts in orange. Two: even if I had a second one, I probably wouldn’t have put it on, because then the shoulder cannon can’t hold its proper position.

I could just remove it, but I thought he looked a bit better with it on.

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Use the visor with the fins.

Overall, really great revamp of one of my favorite sets.


To me, this MoC is really solid. :+1:

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Coolio. This reminds me of the time I made a Pohatu phantoka and never posted it…

I feel as though this is what Lego should of done for phantoka pohatu.