Pohatu: Toa of Air?

So I was digging around in my LEGO draws and I found a green Kakama. It gave me an idea: Color swapped Pohatu! Check it out!

Now, I don't have any of the feet thingies in lime (and I don't think they even made them), but other than that it is a 100% copy of the original set but in the Air color scheme. What do you think?


That...actually looks pretty good! smile_cat

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I like the color swap... Looks surprisingly good on Pohatu...


do more. please

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I only have the pieces to do this. I would love to color swap the entire team, but I'd need to get pieces that I don't have, and I'm saving my money for the new sets.


Good idea. Save money for the new sets so you can color swap them too! >:)


I thought those wires were circles pointing to something so I started looking for it... I feel dumb now


I might do a green Pohatu 2015 when I get the sets.... I don't have any green shells though so I might not happen.

It only works with Tahu, and Gali, and Pohatu, and Lewa.

Kopaka can kinda do it, but only with Gali and Tahu.

And his legs get in the way

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A color swap would work for any 2015 Toa if you had the right pieces in the right colors

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Well, I guess, but with Onua it comes down to the Chestplate, and for Kopaka the upper legs, IIRC

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Yeah, they are only in tan and silver according to Bricklink. If this was Summer 2008, you could've used the silver foot extensions.

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If you have Stormer XL you could do a white Onua, but that's it. As for Kopaka, if you have the right colored pieces you can do it (ignoring stickers).

They come not in Burnt Orange.

I mean, you could cheat and use Silver, but eh.

And there's no Burnt Orange Length 5 HF Armor, which is also needed.

Only Length 4. No Length 3 either.


I checked brickset, Kopaka's upper leg piece comes in many colors, so that's not stopping you.


As for the burnt orange pieces, use a solid color, not a trans color.

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Well not much to say. Cool

Not anything that hasn't been done before, but pretty nice looking anyway.

Hmm... Seems legit stuck_out_tongue

I'm sorry, but it's MASTER, now.
Seriously, though, I like it. Pohatu's my favorite, and I like green, so...Yeah!

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This is awesome. I've also thought of color swapping the 2001 toa. If I remember correctly, I wanted to color swap Pohatu with Onua's color scheme.

Come to think of it... I could do it now. All I need to do is dig up to rakshi arms.