Pohatu Uniter of Stone - Distorted Destiny [G2 Alternate Universe]

Extreme rough sketch of a moc I’m working on for my G2 Mirrorverse story, Distorted Destiny.

Basically, instead of him being upgraded Ekimu, he’s upgraded by Makuta as he was the brother that survived the fight of the Mask Makers.

My main focus for this sketch and the sketches to come is to take visual cues from the Masters and inverted the ones made by the Uniters. For Pohatu, he retains his asymmetry and bone aesthetic from the Masters version and Nilkuu, leaving him with a sort of “Skull Marauder” theme. He has a metallic shield, Bone Ax and retains his Air Boomerangs from his previous incarnation.

[WIP Moc the picture is based off.]


they look really nice, the moc and the drawing, really nice job

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Really cool. I especially like the axe, the implementation of those tooth pieces is really nice.

Looks great!

Really nice! I love your scratchy line work and shading. It really helps to add to the darker, edgier style your Alternate Universe seems to be going with.

I honestly prefer your sketch to the MOC. The sketch manages to make many of the dissimilar LEGO textures and elements feel much more cohesive. Bravo!


Really like the story behind it.

Pretty awesome design and artwork.

The artwork looks really well done, and the WIP looks really cool so far.

This is amazing! I love your style!

The scratchy style really works for the darker tone of your story. The MOC also parallels this nicely and has a cool design in general. It honestly makes me think of how LEGO would continue to progress the wastelander vibe of Pohatu in 2017.

“Pohatu, Separator of Stone”

…nah, doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Hoo boy, lovin’ that drawing’s aesthetic!

I really like gritty sketches like that. It looks cool.
Is there a previous post that talks about Distorted Destiny that I can read or is this the first post about it?

Thanks! Nothing official has been official released under the Distorted Destiny moniker, but I did release a Makuta Mirror verse moc that has shades of how Makuta would act in this AU. I’m probably going to write up a new bio for him once I set things in stone about it.

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So, I have been searching a long time for a cool pohatu uniter moc, mind if I use your design?

If Ipost it I will give you credit for it

By all means go ahead! I’d love to see what you’d do with my ground work.

Shouldn’t it be Pohatu Master of Spikes /s

Anyways, both the picture and the moc look pretty good