Pohatu- Uniter of Stone

Here is my take on Pohatu, Uniter of stone. He is my third favorite toa of the year and well I felt like drawing him, I tried to keep it accurate, mostly in the colors. Only a few little details on him changed, however I did change A LOT on Ketar so it looked better imo in the unity form (I still like his actual unity though, fite me) Also didn’t make his normal mask cause By the time I colored it gold I couldn’t put another layer cause reasons, meh I think the unity one looks better anyways.




General Grievous Mode!


Looks really cool. :smile:


other than the shoulder pads and certain limb proportions this looks great

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Oh god. That unity. Looks like a gundam. And makes me love these two even more.

But… hmm… I think you should draw again those vorox armor pieces, they look off.


Looks great!

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i feel like Ketar’s claw/swords are a bit excessive. everything else looks great.

I am officially terrified by Pohatu now. :wink:

Really job here. Once I saw the picture of him unified with Ketar and the two had those beans of energy coming out of their respective weapons, I was awestruck.

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Normal Pohatu looks like he could take care of himself.

Lightsaber Pohatu looks like he’s proabaly gonna get through a few Skull villains easier.

Ketar + Pohatu looks like he could take care of an army.

General Grievous: Yeah, the villains are screwed.

These are awesome, with the last one being my faveorite.


Really cool art style, That Pohato ULTIMATE EVOLUTION is amazing, The vibrant colour contrast makes the style look that much better.

  • The insect-esque Ketar take is cool.

I dunno why but something looks off about pohatu…

Aside from Ketar’s weirdly disconnected tail, these drawings look great

That looks really good!

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Are these on paper? Anyway, not bad, but the poses are a bit weird.

I will deal with this [noun that fits Umarak] slime myself!

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Great work once again!

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