Pohatu's Desert Crawler (LDD)

This is bassically my first major LDD Build. This features a giant tank like machine with guns. and a pohatu with a machine on his back to help him fight pohatu is also micro.

me].html# If you build it in real life. feel free to post a picture of it IRL In the reply section! Thanks and i hope you enjoy!


From what I can see; the figure (Pohatu) doesn’t look interesting in any way and the machine can’t hold itself up just by looking at it.


Seriously, I can’t see it


######What’s that I see off in the distance?

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Hey back there! I can barely see you! Can you come any closer?

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??? You guys arent even really talking about the moc ???

Probably because we can barely see it.


Because it’s so tiny, and you need to zoom in so we’ve can see it better.

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can you zoom out I can’t really see the full thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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um what is this I can’t make it out and my eyes are hurting from squinting to much please zoom in the photos