Poke-ONICLE (Pokemon + BIONICLE) MoCs

I am new to this whole MoC posting thing, so please give me advice and criticism of the constructive kind.

Now to the actual Poke-ONICLE my favorite Pokemon and the first I of these I have Built.
Introducing: #405 Luxray

This is just the first iteration of this creation and I am wiling to improve on any advice I like.

1st. A Front Image.

2nd. A Profile Shot.

3rd. The Top View.

4th. The Obligatory Back Shot

5th. Head Close Up.

6th. Centre Zoom. (whoops, wrong way)

7th. The Rear End A.K.A. the Better Back Shot.

Now we have the final two images, pouncing and "handstand".

These are some official picture of Luxray for comparison reasons:

So, thats it, tell me what you think and give me suggestions for the next version...


Could you add picture to compare to :?

I'm not much for non-anthropomorphic MOCs, but right off the bat I can say the he looks way too skeletal.
His long, protruding neck, awkward technic torso design and overall skinny look doesn't get the point across well that it's luxray.
Although, I will say that the way you made his eyes and his tail tuft is rather creative. I also liked your use of the LoSS leg pieces.
If I were to give any suggestions it would be to simply flesh his body out and make his neck shorter. His head doesn't look like much of a mane, so I'd also recommend adding a bit more there too.
Overall, just make him bigger.

@Creep This is the pokemon he's recreating.

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Thanks, I was already thinking of redoing the head, one of the considerations for the next version and thank you again...

...and I have edited the original post with some official reference images...

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I don't know that much about Pokemon but I like the concepts. Looks nice so far, but the head and midsection look a bit weird

I thank you for your suggestions, I will see what I can do on those points...

Make missingno!

@BillGoodGift and @Hawkflight I have tried my best to keep the original creation intact but still improve upon the points that you suggested to me.

Introducing Luxray V1.1

The Profile

The Front

The Top

The Back

The Other Back

Close Ups

Action & Funsies - Walking & Hanstand

I would still appreciate some feedback on this version. Also I am considering completely redoing the head, as that is the piece I am least happy with...

...One more thing though, Missingno is on the way for @helryx...




Aye, he looks a lot more organic now. If I were to give any additional suggestions, it'd be to try to make his torso a bit heftier, add some substance. Overall though, he looks pretty great right now and resembles Luxray quite a bit. Keep up the good work, mate.

Introducing the OG Glitch Missingno

So before I get to the giant silly wall of text and Images explaining this extraordinarily strange interpretation of a pokemon, it is just an interpretation, I have made it this way because the source material isn't much to go off of...

...I now summon the great @nekroz to Judge this, because he asked for it, and yeah, onto the thing...

...A little taste of this creation...

...What's that I here you saying, thats just a picture bluetacked onto an armor piece and well yes. However this MOC or Kronkiwongi or whatever you wanna call it is Missingno, a tangled mass of corruption, constantly fighting itself...

...As a tangled heap...

...As a not tangled heapish thing, tentacles, and the same thing from the top...

...The corruption can also take the form of a huminoid for easy walking and other huminiod things, with an OBS...

...Now it is "playing" with Pikachu...

...Chillin with a Gameboy...

...Wait what, is this that the Pikachu and that Gameboy...

...Okay so thats the Mocywongi...




Well anyway it's ok

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It took me all of 5 minuets to make so I'm not fussed...

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It looks more like a squid than missingno. Maybe make it taller with out the whole spread out thing going on. If you do that you could take the picture off, but that's up to you. Over all, not bad!

Oh God