Pokemon community moc project: Groudon the Continent pokemon


He looks great. Nice job

I also coincidentally got a Pokemon ad at the bottom of the page


@BioKnight LOL thats funny

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Edited Title for Clarity Whaddon

Amazing Moc aswell

@Lordragon250 This is awesome. Did not think it was possible to build something like Groudon without building something really complicated.

Now where'd I put my masterball.....

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@Whaddon thanks it was really hard to make this thing

Very good, despite the fact I've never played Pokemon.

this is what it is Based off


Thanks for the reference.
I actually like this more now, for how well you adapted the source material.

The head seems too wide, and the open joints look a bit odd, but other than that, the MOC ends up looking really impressive.

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This looks pretty good. The arms a little long for Groudon, but I like it either way.

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Arms seem a bit too long and the build lacks the black highlights of the actual Pokémon, but this is fantastic nontheless. I would actually love to see more of this xD

wow good job !
this looks really similar to the actual thing ! But i do think the tail could use some improvement , i think its a bit too thin.

I got to say this looks pretty great.
Though there are gaps between the limbs.

@FreeLanceVelika i tried to make the black stripes in the moc

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The choice in armor isn't really appropriate to create the bulky proportions you were going for. Otherwise, I REAAALLY want one, like, really bad! This thing is awesome, and the missing or incorrect details are such an easy fix. That perfect MOC isn't far away, my friend!

Thank you but sadly Groudon is no longer with us because i needed parts for other mocs...But i might rebuild him someday

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