Pokemon Gen. VI Battles and Trades

There's already a general Pokemon topic, but that one is concerning ALL of Pokemon's 18 years (and counting). Let's talk about the most recent generation, specifically the online social aspects of it.

So, with ORAS in less than a month, Gen 6 will still be around for a while. Anyone want to organize battles and/or trades in XY? Any tips? I say we start an official TTV Board Pokemon tournament, organized here.

If anyone wants to challenge me or trade with me, my friend code is 0817-3789-0017 and my IGN is Brady.

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If anyone has an Arceus, Mew or Manaphy to trade that'd be dandy.
Even if it's a temporary trade, I need them for my gen6 Pokedex.

I'd be down to clown with this. Course I'd lose all battles because my team isn't competitive at all (AKA no IV, EV, or Nature training) :laughing:

I has an Arceus on my 5th and Mew on my 4th gen games. I can't transfer them out though...(PokeBank trial ran out a while ago...)

Anyone have a Shaymin? I was cheated out of one a while ago.

Completed the National Pokedex minus Mew, Shaymin, and Arceus 4 months after X and Y came out, got into competetive battling 2 months later.

Hey if anyone wants to battle my friend code is 4296 - 3858 - #124 (My screen is dying and it's blocking the 4th to last digit fearful I think it's a 4, but I could be wrong)

Or just post your friend code and you can tell me laughing

i got diancie with a mega stone !