Pokémon Mega Construx Discussion

I know I know, most people here love Lego above any other toy company, but I just needed to adress what could most likely be one of the most successful new mega brands sets, The Pokémon sets.

Im a huge fan of pokemon and I can surely say i will be picking up most of these since hey look fantastic for mega bloks standars (most at least… looking at you evee)

Here are some pics as well as a video covering the new Pokémon sets.


i have a feeling that Megablocks will usurp Lego as top brand one day

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Of course its only Gen1 at the start.

The larger scale models and starters looks pretty good, however everything else including the starters mid-evolution aren’t so great.

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quite the line-up


get them away from me
These are honestly some of the weirdest builds I’ve seen in a long time. The sheer bizarreness of Charmander (is that the second stage one? I don’t know) makes me want these to go back to the void where they belong.

I kind of want that magikarp.

I’ve never really been a fan of Pokemon, but that (give me a sec to look up the name…) Gyarados looks quite sweet.

They have begun making strides but MB will never come close to Lego until it can replace them as the first brand on people’s minds.

MB’s only successful current lines are based on trademarked properties so only fans of those properties and of building toys will even consider buying them.

Lego on the other hand makes toys that interest a broader spectrum of people and they have significantly better quality to boot.

I think the figures could be less blocky, because I’m not feeling it here.

If this line does not create a wailmer I will be sorely disappointed

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These look… Odd…

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The small models really don’t look too good, Gyarados looks surprisingly cool though.

Red is Charmeleon and orange is Charmander.
All the stage ones are on the left and all the stage twos are on the right.

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The big models look nice, but like I said, the figures look awkward, and the playsets are interesting to say the least. I wouldn’t say I love them, but I don’t hate them either. They’re just cool concepts that aren’t executed too well. But that’s kind of Mega Bloks in a nutshell.

And why isn’t there an arena? That’d be cool.

That Charmander’s head looks like a horse head

They are amazing, even JANG likes them

Welp, time to flip over to Mega Construx, LEGO is starting to get too expensive for what you get.
Moar videos.

Seriously, leaving LEGO faboy goggles aside, Mega Construx is amazing now. There are not many ways to convey the Pokemons in brick design without loosing posability or visual appeal, but somehow MC acieved to have both and also bring in very useful pieces that are used multiple times like as a system should.


I think the larger sets, like Charizard and Gyrados look much better, but overall, it’s a pretty cool line…

The line’s kind of mediocre for me. Gyarados is pretty cool but something further down his body/tail seems off. Maybe it’s the position he’s mostly in because it looks like the upper half of his chest broke off from the lower half. I like most of the smaller Pokémon, and Charizard is okay, his wings and limbs look strange. I’m not too interested in these so I wouldn’t buy one but I wouldn’t mind getting one as a gift or something.

Oh geez, the translation of 7th gen Pokemon didn’t work so well.


No Venosaur…thats sad.

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