Pokemon Picross Pixel Art

Oh boy, I think I just got hooked on my first free-to-play game. Well, to be fair, they did implement a spending cap which I've been saying should be done for years, but the point still stands. That aside, I love the icons for these characters. The pixel art is ripe for the creation of MOCs, so I made them. It usually takes under 15 minutes to make a 10x10 square, especially since they aren't 3D. I could make them 3D, and I might in the future, but for now I won't. If you like these, feel free to like and comment. If you build them, let me know and take some photos. I may showcase them. :smile:

The LDD file can be downloaded on MOCpages.


Do Lucario Next

I would request some Ampharos, if you don't mind.

These are pretty sick lookin! Reminds me of when I made a Lego party sprite of the Unova Starters, but better! :smile:


Haha, that's really cool!

Do a Magikarp.

These are amazing!

You should make Magikarp.

Heh...I haven't unlocked any of those yet. :frowning:

EDIT: Just unlocked Magikarp today, so I might build it. Looks pretty bad though.

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