Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon

These games don’t a have a topic yet.

There is also this trailer.

Now discuss, or just froth at the mouth, like me…


Rowlet is going to be the best starter


Harrie Porter is gonna evolve into the first Pokemon with three types; Flying, Grass, and the new Magik typing.



This has potential to be good.

Please be good.


I feel like Rowlet is gonna be one of those starters where it starts out really cute but ends up being really OP in the end.
Also wow, the Moon Legendary is really cool.

Double also I like the region to far, vaguely reminds me of Hoenn.


The trailer didn’t hit me the way X/Y’s trailer did.

I’m not really feeling the starters, probably going to go with litten because it looks like it’ll be fire/dark.

I really dig the sun legendary, it’s basically liger zero.

I do like how the character models are less stylized than X/Y though.

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I still want Pokemon Z version…

Anyways, I am torn between the Litten and Popplio. I think Litten is really cute, but Popplio is something I would have absolutely loved as a kid.

Rowlet is alright I guess. I think this is the first time we have gotten a Grass-flying starter.

Popplio will have the best looking evolutions. I feel it in my guts.

I’m pretty unimpressed with the starter designs, so I’ll probably default to water like normal. The legendaries, art style, and setting all look pretty great so far. What I really want from the series at this point is higher difficulty and more variety to the established formula.

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Litten all the way. To the moon and back.

That little weird seal dog thing better evolve into a deer

Nintendo better not make me wrong…

Interested to see if it’ll have some form of virtual reality compatibility - given it’ll be released in late November (A month or so after Virtual Reality is made publically available)

At first glance, aka half paying attention because I was doing work when it uploaded, the starters looked ugly as heck. At second glance, Rowlet looks decent, Litten is good (not very Pokemon-ish though), and whatever the water one is just looks BAD. (Kinda sad because I’d ALWAYS choose the water starter in games prior.) Moon legend looks meh, it’s okay. (Also ironic, I usually get the “moon” side of things. Lugia, Kyogre, Palkia, reshiram, yveltal) Sun legend looks great though. Both seem a bit overdesigned for the usual pokemon art style though. Can’t help but think the starters look like they’re straight from a Moe anime or something though XP. So far my game plan (ah ha! See what I did there? Bad puns are bad) is to buy Sun and get litten. I like the graphics, the male trainer seems so generic though, and the female trainer is also kinda eh, so I hope customization is still a thing. Not sure how I feel about the Hawaiian theme though. Since these games where hinted to back in X&Y (which where some of the worst games Imo) I think it’s safe to say this one has been planned thoroughly and gen 6 was the test for the 3ds much like gen 4, only much worse. (Fight me) Well, that was rambly. Also, the Japanese trailer, while a bit dramatic for just a pkm game trailer, was 100x better than the US/EU trailer.

I’m so hyped, I watched the trailer a good six or seven times yesterday. Rowlet is the best, because he is wearing a little suit. Litten is good, it looks like a cat and also a Pokemon, so what else would you want. Popplio I thought was ugly, but then again, I thought Froakie was ugly, and he turned out to be my favorite starter. The legendaries look awesome in my opinion. The Sun guy reminds me of these:

And the Moon legendary looks like Metal Face. Overall, it looks like a better XY, which is great because I like XY. And it has nothing to do with that being the only Pokemon game I’ve ever played. Shush.


I’m definitely getting shadow the hedgehog as my starter, its so edgi

I’m either with Rowlet or Litten. Popolio looks like an abomination

Shouldn’t this be in the Pokemon topic?

Litten is love
Litten is life

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Also this.

We’ve decided that Sun/Moon is distinct and topical enough to require its own topic. As such, please keep the majority of Sun/Moon discussion over here, rather than the Pokemon topic.


i really like litten but now that’s a popular opinion so i might have to go with Popplio