Polemos, Harbinger of Earth



The MOC is really good, I like the torso build.

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This MOC is great, the head seems a bit small, though.

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I love the brutish look, with the huge hands and all. But I don’t think the back looks good, as it’s super flat compared to everything else.

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It looks like a slightly strange hybrid of Whenua and Onua. Is that bad? No. This moc looks pretty snazzy and I really like how the torso looks. My only complaint is that the head looks small compared to the rest. Good Job!


Whenua Stop Taking Steroids
Overall this is an absolutely great looking moc

@DannyBoyy Not quite sure what happened there, must have been me trying to change the order of the images. And thanks, I’ve always found torsos ridiculously hard to build - this one took me ages.

@Toa_Distraxx Thanks :smiley: That was really the only black mask I had left that worked for the MOC. I tried using the black variant of Hydraxon’s mask, but with the Bohrok faceplates and claws, it looked way too much like Von Nebula.

@Arsenic I kind of wanted to take the original silhouette of Onua Mata and exaggerate it in every possible way, so I’m glad that worked out. I agree on the back, it was kind of a last minute thing I added to cover up the ugly build.

@Doot.r Snazzy… I like that. :smiley:

@LTVmocs Thankyou!

Dang, this is pretty great! Looks like G1 Onua with the proportions of G2 Onua (and Whenua’s mask).

The front is too loud with all of the textures while the back is too quite with little to no texture and is really flat

Love those " shredder claws".

@ReeseEH Thanks, and yeah, design alone this was essentially me making an Onua revamp :smiley:

@Cyosana Fair enough, I agree with that, but it doesn’t bother me too much. The back armour plating was more of a last minute addition.

@Mythguard I guess you could say that you… ‘dig’ them?

I will never try to be funny again…

Bonus round: Spot the difference.


Though it has lack of colour, it still looks awesome.

I dig it.

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Nice work on this Onua revamp :stuck_out_tongue:

@AdamusTheFirst Thanks :smiley: thats something I was worried about, with the rest of the Harbingers being fairly colourful.

@Leoxander Onua approves.

@Drahcir_Nosnevets Thankyou :smiley:

Are you from greece ? (polemos)

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MOC’s really good, but I’m actually more interested in knowing why you chose the name Polemos. Is it some kind of warlord? Or maybe a creature god of chaos?
I’m intrigued! :thinking:

Maybe it’s just me, but it kinda looks like a Bayformers take on G1 Onua…

@Zodiac @Altair This MOC is part of a group called the Harbingers, and In order to give them all a consistent theme, I wanted to use the names of Greek gods / personified concepts - similar to how Bionicle G1 used names taken from / inspired by the Maori language.

The names I selected also all end with ‘os’, an abbreviation of ‘Operating System’, so each name is kind of meant to represent the mythological side and the technical side of the Harbingers - Since in the story they’re essentially gods using mechanical bodies as hosts.

The reason for Polemos specifically is that the video on my YouTube channel uses the theme for Argonos from Killer Instinct, which contains the word ‘Polemos’ chanted repeatedly. I thought it would be a missed opportuinity to call him anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

@spudyeisleycreations I can see that too. I actually really like the greebly design of the Bayformers, so while it wasn’t intentional, it probably crept in somewhere in the building process.


that looks really good!