[Poll] Do you think minifigs are too heavily printed?

Question of the ages.

As the years have gone along, minfigure printings have gotten more and more detailed and complicated. From… not having them at all and using stickers, and the intricate highly detailed designs of Star Wars and Nexo knights.

So, I pose the question, is it too much? Are they so detailed that it’s a problem, or are they not detailed enough? Or are they just right. Vote, NOW!

  • No! Go back!
  • I think it’s fine as it is.
  • Other (Please state explanation below)

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the only real problems I really have with modern minifigure printing is A) the high level of detail bringing up the price for figures, and B) the artstyle for faces that lego has been using recently, I prefer the look of pre-2010 face printing.


I think some more detail would be great.
A lot of minifigures don’t have printed arms or legs and it just detracts from the look so much.
Companies like Brickmania and EclipseGrafx and Minifig Company all print on the majority of surfaces, and it just looks so much more amazing and realistic.

I also think that using thinner lines on the body details could help.

Glad you brought this up.

I absolutely hate the new minifigure artstyle. It all went wrong after 2013. They’re all way too detailed, and it puts me off buying more recent sets because I know I’m never going to use those figures again. All my Lego City sets use minifigures from pre-2012, even if they didn’t come with them. I gave all my clones with leg printing unprinted legs. I chucked the original minifigures out of my Queen Anne’s Revenge and replaces them with some 2009 pirates. They just feel so out of place and uncanny.

Take a look at this Luke from the 2014 Mos Eisley. All wrinkly and weird.
What was so wrong with this?

I only allow minifigures into my Lego city if they have any of the 2003-2010 face prints:

I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority here, but I would love it if they went back to using simpler prints.


I agree with you on the faces, they are getting a little out of hand.

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I agree wholeheartedly, i liked the 2000-2013 aesthetic much better. I mean, I almost never use my post 2013 faces for any thene with the exception of a couple of the Nexo Knights faces. (With Clay being the only one I can use for non combat characters)


I agree a bit. the old city faces always seemed cooler. Although I do think another problem is that the ink used seems different now, it all started with Lego movie figures, the black ink seems lighter on most figures and it just stands out next to older figures, maybe that’s just me.


The problem I personally have is that most of the current sets LEGO produces seem to focus more on making highly detailed minifigures rather than making good builds for the set they are in.
A lot of the current sets feel like the only reason they exist is to sell minifigures rather than be good sets.
Minifigures are accessories. They should not be the focus of the set.


I’m all for detailed and unique prints, gives me more stuff to modify my own figures.

I get that, the issue is that, especially with the last year or so, they’ve gotten so detailed you can’t use them for anything beyond the original fig’s purpose. It’s too obvious where the original fig part is from that it’s hard to distinguish the custom.


I think the weird thing is that I actually really like those Clone Wars faces which everyone else thinks are really odd-looking.


Other than the faces they’re fine

The clone wars faces were amazing

I think some work with more detailed prints but others I prefer the simple cartoony looking prints. I mean like iron man vs a city police fig; we don’t really need premium details on generic figures that you’re meant to have more that one.
As for the faces I agree; the wrinkles and those realistic looks weird on the classic head shape. You aren’t marvel legends; we don’t want printed on face shapes or pre molded heads.

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i think they’re okay as is

I need more printing, I believe Sokoda’s Matoro is the pinnacle of Minifigure design. At least, for things without human faces.

To be honest, that would be fine if they were as good at Sokoda’s. Lego, at least that I’ve noticed, has never done extreme detail well in printings in general.

I don’t care a whole lot about the printing, to be honest. When making a custom fig, I usually just try to match the colors of the character.
What I really want is more dual-colour arms and legs. It makes matching weird color schemes a lot easier, and I already have a lot of monotone legs and arms.