POLL: Kanohi Hau

I have been wondering for a while: Is there a canonical difference between Lhikan's Hau and the Artakha Hau?

We can't really tell in the movies since the only hau in the entire trilogy is Lhikan's

Notice how both only have two side vents, Sound familiar?

Two side vents. Just like Jaller, and just like Lhikan.

But the Artakha Hau has three side vents

I mean we know there is a difference in the sets

But Let us not forget that these are two equally canonical depictions of Tahu in his "Mata" state

Clearly the sets are free to change.

So what is it?

I almost forgot to mention that Jaller wears a three-vented hau while shamelessly mounting a gukko

Clear discontinuity in design between set and movie.

Is there a aesthetic difference between the same mask crafted in different places?

  • Canonical difference based on origin
  • No canonical difference, only in sets
  • Variations between wearers

Where on Mata Nui is this from?!?
(Book, comic, download, etc.)

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Woah... I need that book...

Back on topic, this makes me wonder...

Since a Hau, has two Air holes in original Bionicle sets, I guess I can't really say Lego is doing anything wrong with only putting 2 air holes.

If anything, they are just making @potay8o more Canon.

First the Ignika, now the Hau...


It come's from this book by Greg.

Well the original had three, then the movie had two, then lhikan had two, then stars had three again

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Lhikan's Hau, noble at the time, was shown to visibly shape shift between Great and Noble appearances when placed upon Jaller.

As such, I believe that the Movies are simply an inaccurate visual representation, just in general.

I think what happened is, Lhikan's Hau looked as it did when he wore it, and then, due to taking in Jaller's unique Imprint, it changed shape. Said imprint is almost like an SD Card, as it stored Jaller's Save Data essentially, allowing pure life energy to bring him back at his last save(his memories before death)

This is when things get unclear. It is possible that Lhikan's Hau kept Jaller's Save Data, but I think it's possible that it could've been transferred into his Calix/Arthron when he swapped Masks, since otherwise we could have two Jallers running around.

However, I dunno if a Mask only has one slot for this save data, or multiple. If it did have more slots, then the Hau would likely revert to its original Lhikan Shape, and store his data. Or, alternatively, adding Jaller's data wiped Lhikan's data, and it has no data now. In which case, it would likely retain either Default Noble Hau shape(Lhikan's Turaga Mask, as it were) or retain it's normal Great-Looking form.


None of the movies except TLR have made accurate set-representations. However the Lhikan Hau paradox is somethin' else.


Yeah but TLR has set accuracy at the expense of animating living bio-organic mechanisms


Someone asked Greg this on the Lego Message Boards. I believe he said something along the lines of; the only reason there is a difference is because set designers wanted a different looking Hau for Lhikan. In the story, most Hau(s) are more or less the same.