POLL: Summer Wave Recent Review Releases

At the rate I'm going, I really oughta consider a Recap/Recent sub-fourm...

Anyhow, as everyone knows, the Summer Wave is finally coming out. Soon as I heard about that, I bought 'em all. Being that the case, they'll be here shortly.

Meaning Recent Reviews! Weee!

Now, for those that care, I want to inquire as to how you'd like these to be released. All at once over the course of a day or two (if the others will let me), or weekly as they usually come out... Or a mix?

  • All at once
  • Weekly
  • Mix (Suggest schedule below)


And for those that don't care, you have some other reviews here by @MT_Zehvor. Enjoy.

(Also, please remember that a corresponding Build-Up would be released a few minutes before the Review. Thanks!)

(Disclaimer: Regardless of the end result of this poll, I do have the final say as to how the reviews are executed. However, I do want to hear from you guys and see what you'd like to see and factor that in to the final decision I'll be making. Thank you!)


Maybe it could be daily c:

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Definitely not weekly, the sets have been out for too long already to sustain that kind of release schedule. If you still plan on doing build-ups, then you can't release them all over the course of a day... that would be too hectic.

I'd personally say you'd good to do one a day. That'd be one build-up and one review err'day for about a week.



I'm with Meso. One a day.

I might even say review Ekimu and Skull Grinder separately, but I don't know how consistent that would be for you.


You could try to have a Recent Review twice a week, so then you have "Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder" as the final, more anticipated review.

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They come together though, and they combine. I would rather see them together imo

I'd say release them every other day, meaning reviews and build ups will go out on the same day. That, or release them daily as @Conduitt said.

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One day is enough really

I agree with Meso. Once a day is probably the best.

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I must agree with Meso, I think once a day for a whole week would work best since once a week is a little too slow.
Maybe review Skull Grinder vs Mask Maker at the end so there is a buildup to the review.

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How about Build Ups one day and the reviews on a different day?

I say one set and build up a day, all in one day would be a little crazy

Two a week would be nice....

I said one a week... confused Then I read everyone else's opinions...


What pretty much everyone else said "Once a day would be best."

Yeaahhhh I said one per week as well and now after reading everyone else's response, I'm gonna have to agree with the one a day for a week.

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One a day for sure.

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I voted all at once because I hadn't read Meso's fantabulous post about how I am really silly...

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Mix the two, as one at Thursday and one at Monday. It could be good, couldn't it?

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See! That's what I want! Two a week would be awesome