POLL: Top 10 TTV Channel Moments of 2018 - Ordered by You!

Hello everyone, and welcome back! This is the final stage of this process. Between March 19th to December 31st, we had you guys submit your favorite TTV Channel moments from 2018. We in the crew went ahead and selected 11 of those to move on to the list. And now we’re bringing you into the fold once again!

You’ve got until January 9th at 11:59 PM EST to vote on these 11 TTV moments! You can vote for as many - or as few - as you like! This way, you guys pick the places these moments take on the list.

We’ve once again opted to include 11 on the list, and the one with the least amount of vote will not make it on the list.*

Below are the links and time frames for the Top 10 Moments! Once you’re done listening, go ahead and cast your vote!

Eljay’s Back! Ninjago Episode 83 “True Potential” Season 8 Sons of Garmadon Review - 4:08 to 4:21
Creepy Crawla Gimme a Dolla - Full video.
TTV Animated #2: “Matoro, Why Are You Here?” - Full video.
A Super Serious Dramatic Reading of BIONICLE: REVOLUTION - 1:42:00 to 1:47:33
The Return of Eljay | TTV Podcast #289 - 20:00 to 24:00
Mask of Light GONE WRONG - Translated Script Reading - 7:02 to 8:04
Destiny 2 Forsaken SPOILER Review and Discussion | TTV Podcast #301 - 4:30 to 7:30
The TTE Podcast - 2 - We’re All Eljay Now - Full video.
We Play DANGANRONPA! 022 - Chapter 5 | 100 Mile Dash | TTV Nerfed! - 2:15:50 to 2:16:51
Cherry Pie | A TTV Channel Animatic by Yuki7900 (Abby Walker) - Full video.
The Milk Train Weeps | TTV Podcast #300 CELEBRATION - 4:00 to 19:55

  • Eljay’s Return
  • Creepy Crawla Gimme a Dolla
  • Matoro’s Animation
  • Photoshop Antics on TTV Podcast #289
  • Mask of Light Translated Script Reading
  • Destiny 2 Forsaken - Kini vs. Exx
  • The TTE Podcast Episode 2
  • Danganronpa Let’s Play 022 Moment
  • Cherry Pie Animation by Abby Walker
  • Var’s Misfortune

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Alrighty, that about sums it up! Thank you all for participating, and we look forward to seeing the end result! Talk to you all soon!

*Unless it does as an honorable mention, most likely.


Gee I wonder which one it will be



Obviously it’ll be Eljay’s return but TTE 2 is looking criminally underrated…

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I’m really happy Bionicle Revolution is so low.

I really enjoyed the Revolution reading, and have very fond memories of listening to it with my little brother while blasting through the last few levels of Halo 3. But that all feels…tainted, nowadays, due to the overwhelming involvement of a certain sentient trash bag. It’s a problem that has ruined a lot of TTV’s older content for me. I used to constantly listen and relisten to older podcasts. But nowadays I can’t bring myself to do it.


Hey, I DO have a name >:c

No I’m not immensely stupid, I’m just abnormally stupid to the point where I felt this was a necessity


But Ven was the real star of the show the entire time…

I really hope Revolution makes it in, A: Because it was immensely funny, B: Because you could just crop out that fourth appearance and cut out a few lines, and it’d be even funnier.


So many great moments even amid the turbulence that happened! It’s great to see such a positive list as a reminder. Eljay’s return is naturally the best, hands down, but outside of that it’s hard to choose for sure. I flipping died during the Mask of Light reading though and that’s my vote aside from Eljay’s redemption arc.


The “BIONICLE Revolution” option should have been called “Pridaddy”, let’s be real.