[Poll] What does Christmas mean to you?

Ok, this might not be the best time to talk about holidays, but Christmas is only one mouth away, so I’l make an exception.
So, what does Christmas mean to o you?

  • Just a random Holiday
  • A time to be good and share
  • The birthday of Jesus Christ
  • A cultural heritage that is hold every year
  • Something else

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Could not wait one more mouth for this topic, but hey, now we can prepare our selfs for this Year’s Christmas, but knowing what Christmas really means to us.
(Please be honest with what you say)

I think this thing should be posted on Christmas time, not on Halloween time…

Just gonna close this topic. I think Christmas generally should encompass more than one aspect of what you listed, but it’s better to avoid discussion that could potentially break the rules. And nobody wants that! : p

For future reference, if you do want to share your thoughts about Christmas in a rule-abiding manner, here’s the Christmas topic. ; )