[Poll] What if Bionicle was a System Theme?

That is most definitely my largest concern when it comes to BIONICLE becoming a System theme. Not because it wouldn’t work, because as @TeslaEffect notes, BIONICLE has a history of well-built and intricate vehicles and technic-oriented creature designs that are among some of the theme’s strongest sets. That said, BIONICLE’s core is not those sets, but rather its character-based builds. Having a theme mainly comprised of Battle Vehicles would not necessarily be bad, but it would make for a different experience than what we’re used to.


I think that, as it stands right now, BIONICLE returning as a System theme would offer it the greatest chance of being done “properly.” While the core of BIONICLE is its constraction-based builds, I feel that the TRUE spirit of the theme is the feeling it evokes, the aesthetic design, and the unique style of the world being a mix of tribal and technological builds. If BIONICLE came back as a System theme but featured a full-scale TV series since it wasn’t being held down by constraction, a ton of cool, detailed minifigures, some excellent location-based sets which focused on BIONICLE’s excellent history of worldbuilding, and yes, some snazzy Battle Vehicles along the way, I think it would be worth it. Throw in some constraction characters too, if the budget permits, and we’re just golden.

BIONICLE is about a heck of a lot more than the sets. If the story was allowed to flourish, the world permitted to grow, and the marketing budget expanded to allow the theme to reach a wider audience, I don’t really care what style of sets we receive.



I have an idea of incorporating minifigures with constraction…have the constraction figures be the giant Mechs of the minifigures (make them still look sorta like the G2 sets, with the new G3 interpretations, sorta making it look like Jaeger or Gundam in their approach, while the minifigures are still system in nature). This will still make them biomechanical in nature, but make it so that their masks power their larger Gollem Sentinel like bodies.

Example being of this concept is this episode of Jack.

You wanted a Giant Mata-Nui robot, you might get one with this concept. Also, why not the Toa Kaita actually being the giant Mechs of Legends. This may also make it so that we can have both Constraction and System sets represented in a TV show.

Oh look its the Giants heads.


However those were introduced way later on as supporting content in the story. We’re talking about building the entire line around vehicles because that’s what lego does now. There’s a bit of a leap between releasing large vehicle sets alongside a main line of character and creature builds and making at least 70% of the actual product vehicle sets. You could expect it to look like Legends of Chima with tons of this or that battle mobile in various colors for the different elements, alongside maybe 2-4 structure builds(two of which are facade-like or flimsy).

This is effectively what your bionicle lineup would look like.

Perhaps that’s fine. Maybe the story would go on unhindered- but I think it kind of loses the point of Bionicle as a line. It probably won’t convey the atmosphere through the sets like constraction does just based on what Lego is selling right now.

I’ll tell you right now that this is how you could expect those to come out.

I say that because this is how the same location looked in the show

And that isn’t to say it’s impossible for them to nail the atmosphere in the builds; I’m just pointing out that the style they’ve used for their recent playtheme builds has a very particular look and feel; they’re flashy, colorful, shiny, ACTION PACKED- and don’t exactly scream eldritch tribal landscape(even when other media portrays the locations as such). Somehow I doubt there’s any coincidence that all of the recent action themes look like this. It probably sells well- thus is most likely the aesthetic we can expect Bionicle to take on if it joins the ranks of the modern playtheme.

Kopaka G3


I said Giant mechs (facepalm)

Did you even fully read my comment, or even watch the Samurai Jack example? (Double facepalm) The way I proposed the idea takes a different approach ot the Mech/golem/Giant thematic. You would not see the figures in that way, they would be placed inside the constraction figure, incased inside its torso area, and being able to be placed there and controlled like a giant golem giant mech thing,

They can also use the masks as a power source for the mechs.

Yes, but I’m pointing out that you can’t expect lego to make it feel like a bionicle any more than Chima mech feels like a lion or a bear. Just take off the bear head and replace it with a brick built akaku, then replace the drill with a sword or spear and you’ll have your Kopaka ICE BREAKER MACHINE.

It’ll probably look cool enough, but will it feel like Bionicle?

Perhaps Bionicle just means something else to you than what it does to me. I don’t know.


Dude, not with that much system parts, more like 70-80% constraction and 20-30% system (like some current MOCs use). And make them actually figures that you can use even without the minifigures. They would have far mor poseability than any brick build mech, also bringing some new approach to a theme that wasnt done in this way, while also appealing to long time constraction fans that still want their Bionicle constructible figures.

I have the feeling like this is going to be the TTV Civil War 2: To system or not to system, that’s the question

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How is this even a war, Meso explained it pretty obviously that the line is capable of translating to system. The actual question is how would that be done and would there still be a place for its constraction wing?

It can be done, and I am open to the idea. But I think constraction works better for Bionicle because of the odd beings that populate its universe.


I think construction simply suits Bionicle better, but I know if the right approach is taken, a system based line would be cool.

It is going to come down to what different people value most.

G2 had (mostly) stellar sets and a sub-par story and I walked away feeling not fully satisfied.

If G3 had a stellar story and sub-par sets, I would probably feel much better about things.

BIONICLE sets are cool, but honestly… I think that the story, world, and overall “feel” of BIONICLE matters more and is more original in the grand scheme of things. If BIONICLE turned into a mech theme like Exo Force and HF IFB, with the BIONICLE characters piloting Exo-Suits, I’d be cool with that. If it took the Ninjago route where they brawled in vehicles, I’d be perfectly alright with it, so long as its core essence was preserved.

Lego’s had a ton of other constraction themes; they’ve never had another BIONICLE, though.



Okay, then we’re back at Invasion from Below- this time with crystal armor parts and big masks instead of cockpits.

Believe it or not, you’re not the creative head of the Bionicle team. You can’t just say “this is how I would do it thus it’s most certainly how they would do it”. You have to account for the fact that Lego is not marketing to you specifically- they’re marketing to the same crowd that they market Nexo Knights and Ninjago towards(because that’s who they’re looking to sell playtheme sets to). I’ve stated time and time again that the question isn’t whether it’s possible to make sets that would satisfy our needs- it’s whether that’s the profitable route and one that Lego would be likely to take. Which, in my opinion, is highly unlikely.

But that’s why I voted “no” for the first question.

Sorry if this comes off as condescending or rude; that’s not my intention. I just want to make it clear that we are not the focus group for your standard playtheme. We can come up with ideas as good as we want, but it doesn’t mean lego has any interest in making what we’d want to see.


Neither are they marketing to you, so why even bring up that pointless “your opinion not mattering thing”, when this thread is all about pitching ideas on why we think it would work one way or another. Just cause you see it this way doesnt mean I should or will and thats why I pitched my idea. You can ether like it or dont, I dont care afterwards.

OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH. Meso, you’re amazing. Never before have I agreed with you this much. Thank you so much! What matters right now is the longevity of the line and chances of it being done right. I do not MOC with system, I do not really care for system. I look at a bin of system pieces and my brain explodes because there are just TOO many pieces. I look at CCBS and I know how to form things, I know every single piece, and it’s much easier to create a MOC. BUT, that being said, SYSTEM allows for the line to be able to succeed. System sells, MINIFIGS sell. That gives the BIONICLE team the budget and time to develop the story and make ALL their ideas come to fruition. It allow for BIONICLE to truly be done right, in every aspect. Just as you said Meso, we could get some awesome location based sets, as well as some cool vehicles. I feel Ninjago balances this very well (from a COMPLETE outsider’s perspective). And it would be PERFECT, to give CCBS side sets of the Toa or what have you to please us fans. Just imagine what a modern BIONICLE could become if it sold well. And BIONICLE is so unique in that it’s main characters are ROBOTIC, it has that signature feel of advanced robots in a tropical environment which is completely exclusive to it, and that could easily be translated into system.

Meso, you da man.


But yeah, this is going to be quite the controversial topic the more we discuss this. It does pain me a little to advocate for System BIONICLE because I love CCBS to death and I think it’s a fantastic system, but it just seems like there’s this inescapable negative stigma that surrounds it, to the point where it would be hard for a modern-day CCBS theme to ever truly “take off.” BIONICLE G1 even started off as technic, and was similar enough to draw in fans of Technic into the new franchise. Modern day CCBS is just too isolated and unique to offer that same kind of widespread appeal.



I will rejoice of the day when we get the perfect synergy of constraction/technic poseability and connection options with system small details and shapes. (aka what some MOCists are already doing).

It’s not pointless, and that’s not quite it either. I could fantasize all day about getting a 5 foot tall Mata Nui Robot set, but lego just wouldn’t under any circumstance produce such a product. I think it’s important to keep in mind that lego is a company; we’re talking about Bionicle being revived by lego as a playtheme. Hence, our expectations of whether it will work or not should account for what lego would be plausibly willing to produce.

I admit, I was being a bit harsh with the mech thing. I don’t exactly like the idea because it hasn’t worked out very well in the past and thus I doubt it would work out now. Still, if you think it could work I suppose you’re entitled to that opinion.

What I concept is a viable thing to recreate. Its not an impossible fantasy, nor is it impossible for a company like LEGO which already done wonders, and previously thought impossible things. Never say never, otherwise you may as well close up shop.

Its not like what I suggested is not in conjuction with that “playtheme” thing.

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I suppose I’m just too cynical to trust that lego would create a story that’s engaging enough to make up for unappealing sets- and certainly not to translate bionicle as a satisfying system line(based on what they currently produce- which I’ve come to be awfully sick of).

The sets always come first, therefore the story would inevitably be built around them… And if the sets don’t convey the spirit of Bionicle, what hope does the story have to? It might not even be a bad story; look at how good Ninjago is! That said, Ninjago’s tone is much different from that of classic Bionicle. Ninjago didn’t have any prerequisites, but we do have an idea of what makes the atmosphere of Bionicle, and something tells me that TLG isn’t quite in touch with it(note how G2 came close but didn’t quite hit the mark). Basing the line around the same formula they use for everything else now isn’t going to help revive that feeling.

For the record, I wouldn’t be mad if Bionicle was redone as a system theme. I just have my doubts as to whether it would actually do the name any justice.

CCBS mechs aren’t an impossibility… I just doubt that they’d turn out well based on how similar concepts have done previously and what they’re marketing now.

But like I said

Nothing’s impossible- I’m just being skeptical.

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