(POLL)What is your favorite type of music?

The brackets don’t have to be your favourite artists, just rough ideas in case you need a better definition of the genre.

  • Rock N Roll (Allman Brothers)
  • Rock (AC/DC)
  • Nu-Metal (Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch)
  • Metal (Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth)
  • Black/Death Metal (Marylin Manson)
  • Dubstep (Skrillex)
  • Modern Pop (Justin Bieber)
  • Pre-2000 Pop (Micheal Jackson)
  • Alternative (RHCP, Interpol)
  • Progressive (Jehtro Tull, Mastodon)
  • Post-2000 Country (Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash)
  • Pre-2000 Country (Jason Aldean, Dierks Bently)
  • Grunge (Soundgarden, Nirvana)
  • Rap/Hip-Hop (Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog)
  • Classical (Beethoven, Mozart)
  • Other

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I’m more a fan of techno/electronic music (daft punk for example)

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I’m partial to techno, but rock is one of my favorites.

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Uh, I’d say Alt-Rock (Think Trocadero, who makes songs for Red vs. Blue), which isn’t really on here, so… other?

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I’m no expert, so if you have a favorite not on here, put it under other. I forgot soundtrack and techno

I like the music that sounds good to me. I have distanced myself from dividing everything in genres or types.


I really like prog metal (Stam1na, Intervals, Ne Obliviscaris) and guitar-heavy prog rock and math rock (LITE, Von Herzen Brothers, Scale The Summit). I also listen to a lot of bossa nova but I don’t pay attention to the artists.

I like classical music a ton.

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I don’t really have a favorite type of music. I like anything that’s well made. I do have a list of music types that I dislike (A lot).

Such as:

  • Dubstep

  • Most Black/Death Metal

  • Modern Pop

  • Rap/Hip Hop

  • Modern/Pop Country

  • Lazy music in general

On a positive note, plenty of the music that I like doesn’t really fall into any specific category. Two Steps From Hell for example makes music that often dips into at least a couple different types to make their music.

To put it in broad terms, I enjoy classical and electronic.
More specifically, I like to listen to a near seamless combination of the two (think Alias Conrad Coldwood) or an intense orchestra and choir (for example, Motoi Sakuraba, the composer for the Dark Souls OST)

i really like stuff in the alternative (gorillaz), pop punk (weezer [blue album], blink-182 [eots]), punk (green day [dookie-nimrod]), noise rock (wavves), grunge (nirvana), prog rock (yes, electric light orchestra), and lo-fi (joji, cloud nothings) genres

i used to really dig classical music, but i’ve sorta fallen out of listening to it recently

No Jazz?

These days I’m mostly into instrumental and occasional classical. My picks are pretty random and often not even associated with games or movies (Jake LaVallee - Piano 1), but I prefer calming tunes, like those of Lord of the Rings. Most consistently I like celtic instrumental music (Adrian Von Ziegler).

It really depends, it is usually what ever sounds good, but I usually enjoy Classical and music from groups such as Two Steps from Hell.

Insert dumb Bee Movie meme here.

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Man lots of people like Other. It’s a very versatile and diverse type of music. :stuck_out_tongue:

im mostly a fan
of metal and grunge

My tase is a mixed bag tbh.

On one hand I like some pre 2000’s pop, like Prince, Micheal Jackson, that “One Night in Bangkok” song, ect.

I also like rock, from classic to alternative, with The Beatles, RHCP, Queen and Nirvana being some of my favorite bands.

And even then there’s a few songs from genres I usually hate that I like. Examples being “Stan” by Eminem (even though I can’t stand most rap)

Gorillaz, even though I don’t care much for techno, ect.

The only genre I’ve listened to more than one song of that i can really say i hate though is country.

Why is Johnny Cash “Post-2000s Country?”

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No industrial 0/10