[POLL] Who is the best LEGO Reviewer?

  • Eljay
  • Just2good
  • BrickVault
  • Someone Else

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Well? What is your opinion?

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I just love Jang.
No offence LJ.

Well that’s not fair, I didn’t even make it on the list!


There is still them’someone else’ category.

Sorry @Eljay but JANGBricks is a billion times better, I won’t explain why since this is already a topic

As much as Jang’s reviews are a very detailed and high quality, they are way to long for me to watch. All his reviews are like 20 minutes on average. So yeah, I highly respect Jang, but I prefer Eljay.

If I think a little, maybe Jang… Or LJ… I cannot decide. I voted Jang tho

Shoutout to my boy legomationstudio/Zach Kaplan.

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Sorry, @Eljay .
I’ve never seen your reviews. (yet)
Jang is one of the best.

[quote=“meepinater, post:9, topic:48965”]
I’ve never seen your reviews. (yet)
[/quote]The reviews are the best part of the entire TTV channel


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don’t hurt me!
I will! As soon as I have access to youtube…

Sariel makes the best reviews I’ve seen, but jang is a close second though.

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Those two have to be a tie for me. They both have great presentation and have clearly mastered their brand of reviewing; though I find Jang more watchable due to the voiceover; I’d watch him review sets which aren’t necessarily sets I’d buy. Sariel, on the other hand, I use to inform a purchase, and I know going in that it’s going to be a comprehensive and detailed review covering every possible aspect (including whether it is hamster approved or not).

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Hmm actually I’m tempted to pick somebody else and go for Matt and Ryan Productions, I remember you liked him huh @LegoDavid?

Thanks for mentioning Sariel. If any of you haven’t seen a Sariel review, do yourself a favor and watch one when you can. While there’s no dialogue, the subtitles are bite-sized. And the presentation just blows all other reviewers out of the water, even Jang. That said, I value Jang a lot. He covers sets from many themes, builds MOCs, and constantly asks for fan input.

While I love Eljays reviews, and his personality, I have always loved Jang. I think he has a great balance of casual, laid back fun, while also giving detailed and professional reviews. I also just like his personality, especially in his non-review videos. It’s also fun to hear him get really genuinely excited about a set that he thinks is good. idk, that’s just what I like.


I believe we have to wait and see how LJ reviews sets from other themes in the Retired Reviwes.

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My favorite reviewer. I love how he can go from kid friendly lego review channel to a dude poking fun at his own job.