Polybags: A Bionicle Story

It all started in the convenience store. Bionicle had returned, and with it came all new polybags, all with the same general build. A spoiled child was heard by the checkout, shouting MOM! MOM! GIMME GIMME THE NEW POLYBAGS MOM!
“Dang” Cordax said while in his polybag. “That kid sounds like a not-so-good person to be around” “I see with my four eyes an anime body pillow” said polybag Ghid. “WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON THAT WEEB- “Calm down” said polybag vezon, “Its just some anime.” I HAVE DEVOTED MY LIFE TO RID THE PLANET OF WEEBISIM, AND YOU ARE NOT ANY BETTER WITH YOUR PSYCHOTIC ATTITIUDE!!!” Screamed Ghid. “Will both of you refrain from talking any longer?” said Heyzorks in the most dapper way possible. I am trying to straighten my top hat."


So, you guys want me to continue the story?


Sorry, but I’m going to have to close this down, as you included at least one of the users mentioned in this story without their consent

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