Pop! Funko Disscussion

Or easily referred as Funko Pop

This company dominate the collectible market by taking something popular and turn them into chibi-like figures that have beady eyes to gaze upon the void.

Funko also expanded this series into various of merchandise to where they made a “better” clone of themselves:

There also been multiple companys that cloned this type of style that either succeed or fail.

I don’t own any Funko Pop and im self aware some user on the boards own a few.
Which one is or least favorite?


I’ve bought the Superman one and that’s it. They’re neat, I guess. Nothing really stands out. They’re just there to inform people that you like the series of the specific character, nothing more. I look at them more like “shelf-stuffers” where they just take up the space that your other knick-knacks don’t occupy.


I don’t like how they look at all.

but holy crap, i had never had the misfortune of seeing a “vynl”… those are much worse

I only own one Funko Pop figure.

He’s my favorite boy and I love him more than any other boy.


Its just to bad that they are taking up ridiculous amounts of store space leaving no room or reasons to stock collectible figures that where painfully detailed specifically to be accurate to whatever they are based on. I genuinely despise Pop! Funko and the only product they have made that i own is a master chief bobble head from like 2009 or something that i got as a gift.

I love bobble heads.

I got my waifu boy Captain Phasma.

They’re worse than any fad, I hate these abominations with the fury of a thousand suns.
Did I mention ugly?
They all need to die in a fire to free up shelf space for actually good figures.


Yes please

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Ironically, some Funko Pop were spotted at local 99cent stores.
They’re more than a dollar, but it’s something to note.

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Now that I’m looking at the recent Funko Pops, I think they’re collectively mediocre. The only ones I genuinely like aren’t even human.

(Also; Good Lord, how many variations of the Pop! brand are there? There’s coffee mugs, pins, and waterbottles for crying out loud.)