Portal/Half-Life Discussion

I wonder why no one made this sort of thing :/

Anyways, talk about one of the grestest video game franchises of all time as well as Portal since they are both connected.


I love both of these! Finished both Portals, and the first Half Life. Currently on Half Life 2. Great games!


Haha filthy pleb, I have HL1 + all expansions, both Portals, and HL2 beat. However, I am still unworthy as I haven't finished Episodes 1 & 2

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This thread is probably the best thread in existence.

Because Half Life is pure awesome...


Before me, 3 posts in this thread.



I have all the expansions, too. I bought the complete bundle.

As no one mentioned this yet...


I beat portal only dying once....it wasn't that hard. The second was harder but i liked the story. As for half life I've actually haven't got around playing alot due to my tf2 addiction.

Has anyone ever tried "thinking with time machines" or "aperture tag"? There both based off portal.

I've played all of the Half-Life series. I could say the same for Portal, but I haven't gotten around to finishing Portal 2's Co-op mode.

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Oh god.
Why haven't I noticed this topic?

Not really gonna talk about Half-Life, considering that I haven't played it, and I have no real interest in playing it, but I have played Portal. A lot.

The Portal series sits up there with my favorite games of all time, having a fantastic story, great characters, and very interesting mechanics.

I wish that they made new DLC though, y'now confused


Apparently there will be valves announcment at 3rd march 3pm

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MARCH 4TH, 2015

-Still waiting for that Valve announcement laughing

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Welll, they announced Soruce 2... half life 3 is getting closer... mabey at E3 2015


Strange, they already did a quiet Source 2 launch into Dota 2 quite a while ago....

Not realy

I've been literally addicted to Portal 2 recently! It's so fun. stuck_out_tongue

I've never played Half Life, but I really want to. Too bad it's rated M.


Confirmed for fake.


Any thoughts about the Aperture VR demo?


it's alright

I hope that new Portal thing, "The Lab" will have fun experiences and story stuff

For whatever reason, I didn't really like the first Portal.

Portal 2, on the other hand, is one of my all time favorite games.

Half-Life 2 IS my all time favorite game and the series as a whole is just magnificent.

Now if only original joke here

Also, remember how Abrams said he was making Half Life movie?


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So I played HL1, OP4, BS, and Uplink last winter and just got around to playing the HL2 anthology which I beat in the last week and a half.

I have yet to play Decay but I don’t think that that’s that big of a deal.

And man I wish there was more out there cause the way the story ended just makes you want to know what comes next.

I might make a couple of posts on my general thoughts on each game but I do think that Half-Life is the best cause it doesn’t make you wait for people to talk every chapter which can get very annoying on subsequent playthroughs like in HL2 and has better level design and length than OP4 or BS.

Don’t get me wrong I love how the story is handled in the HL2 anthology it just gets annoying if its your 3rd time hearing the same conversation while you are stuck in a room.

Anyways I’ll leave you with this:

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