Posable McToran

I’ve been trying to figure this out for so long.

This is my posable McToran. I tried to keep roughly to the same size as an original, while increasing the articulation and manoeuvrability.
Here he is compared with a regular McToran:

You may be wondering about the rubber band on his chest and the two red pins on the back of his arms. You see, I also wanted to preserve all the functions, so we still have both the disk throw and punch, activated by pulling on the red lever on either arm.

I made sure that disks slot perfectly into his hand and be released easily.

He can also hold accessories now thanks to his new hand being a socket.

And here he is showing off his articulation.


Smart build! I tried to do something similar with my Nuparu revamp but the function didn’t really work.

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The way you preserved the functions while completely changing the arm design is really smart!


This is a pretty cool revamp. Are you planning to try something similar with the legs?

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I tried to get the legs more posable for ages, but I couldn’t get them to move naturally without having an extremely fragile and illegal connection. I’ll probably end up just making completely new legs.


You did it, you son of a Muaka you actually did it.



In short, I was wrong.

The Posable Mctoran™ now has fully articulated legs allowing for sitting, walking and running. No longer must he shamefully shuffle along the ground like his brethren, for he has been cured of notbeingabletowalkproperly disease with one obscure piece:

The Lego Football goalkeeper holder. It’s a really weird piece, but it allows both legs to be slotted in easily and without restricting movement. One of the bar connectors simply plugs into the bottom of the torso piece. Unfortunately this piece only comes in red and dark gray, so for all other types of Matoran it may look a bit out of place.

As a side note, the Posable McToran™ can now actually pilot the Boxor better than a regular McToran, as he can both sit in the cockpit instead of just hang there, and most importantly he can reach and grasp the control sticks.

The Posable McToran™ still remains roughly the same size as a regular McToran despite his upgrades.