Poseidra - Toa of the Oceans

This started out as a reimagining of Gali. But during the process I felt like it was a whole new character.

I was going for a sea faring, mariner type look. I think it comes pretty close, but I’d like to come up with a better weapon. Maybe a harpoon gun or something.



Love the way you used the spider-monkey body


This is great! The black shell piece should changed but other wise its great

Pretty nice!

Pretty good. The open sockets kinda stand out on the chest, but I like the colors and usage of Spidermonkey’s chestpiece.

Thanks! There are no black shell pieces though. Only navy blue. Maybe one of them looks black in the light? Which pic is it?

Really nice. Using yellow as an accent color looks great, and I especially like the use of the yellow Glatorian Legends shells on the lower torso. The yellow and the different shades of blue definitely suit a water toa.

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Rey nice. Really enjoy the colourscheme.

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Gotta love that colour scheme, it’s very solid. Honestly love pretty much everything here. Don’t really like the skull spider masks because of there colour but they look good as armor. Simple design but definitely works.

In the end, really cool. Good job.

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I love the use of the beast head as a snazzy hat

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It was the one of the back I see its navy blue now my bad!

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The build is a little iffy for me, but that color scheme is the bee’s knees.

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Nice MOC, everything flows nicely.

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The combination of all the blues is distracting on an otherwise fine moc.

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