Possibilities of Shadow Hands

Could a Makuta make multiple shadow hands? Can a shadow hand absorb targets without retracting for example absorbing targets through the palm? Could a Makuta use a shadow hand defensively such as making a shadow hand stay in the air to catch projectiles and absorb them? If so could this also work on explosive projectiles? How would this defensive use of a shadow hand do against a stream of acid? Can a Makuta selectively use a shadow hand such as absorbing a captured enemy’s armor but not the enemy himself? If so could he do this on himself such as he wants to get rid of a dangerous chemical on his armor so he uses his shadow hand to just absorb the chemical? Does a shadow hand has to be a hand, could the shape be something different and still function the same such as the jaws of a beast or a crab pincer? Can the Makuta merge their shadow hand to nearby shadows to expand the area of absorption such as turning a floor that is completely covered by a shadow into a area where they can absorb anything that touches the shadow as if it was touching the inside of the shadow hands’s palm?