Possible 2018 Standalone CCBS/Constraction Theme?

#(01/21/18 Update): So we’ve gotten our summer leaks, and none of the below has been sighted. We can assume that it is false. This topic is now for general speculation for a potential constraction line in 2018.


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So, a few folks have observed that some salient rumors have been making the rounds in the community. Namely, there is some serious discussion of a 2018 CCBS theme.

From the previous Bionicle G2 Discussion Topic:

A little background: the following has been posted verbatim (save some minimal formatting tweaks such as spacing and italicization) from the /lg/ image board on 4chan.org/toy. If you want, you can see for yourself, I guess; the original thread will likely be archived pretty soon. For those who are unfamiliar, this is like the least reliable source ever. To be honest, I can’t even believe that I’m partially citing it. However, I’ve decided to create this baby-faced, blue-eyed. and all-around fresh topic for a number of reasons:

A. DIscussion of said possibility had taken up over fifty posts in the incredibly loosely related Bionicle G2 Discussion Topic.

B. Wandering through the inexhaustible maze that is the Bonkle/LEGO fan community, I’ve observed that various reputable folks on EB and Reddit are very interested in discussing this at length.

C. I get the feeling that we kinda need this topic, tbh.

10/7/17 - UPDATE: A rumor that the name of a possible upcoming line is “Voloctoreb” made the rounds, sourced to a person in a private Discord server. We’re all 99% sure that this is not a name that TLG would utilize, unless it is a heavily garbled recollection of a preliminary or foreign title. This can pretty clearly be ruled out.

Discuss! This topic has been made via the consensus of several folks who were in the midst of this particular discussion in the concurrently open G2 thread.


Let everyone get what they want!!

I Want To Believe!


no wonder they canceled roboriders, something like that would last half a year


if it means I can get more ccbs than I’m aboard the hype train. but I’m not getting my hopes up.


Question, did the guy who made the post say that his Uncle worked at Lego?


I’d love for this to be true, but the show better be good, or else this’ll go the way of Nexo Knights for me. If the sets are cool, or appeal to me, I might end up getting some, since it sounds like this might be LEGO Tron, basically.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is real or not.


I really hope this is real. I think constraction in general works really well in LEGO, so I would be very happy if this was true. However the fact that this source is unreliable worries me. If it is true, I hope there are new colors, and better villain designs then those of G2.


I really do hope this is real. I’m preparing for the worst, hoping for the best

If it’s real, think of all the new peices


Star Wars was interesting and all, but it’s nice to see Lego finally getting around to something of their own again… at least, in regards to constraction.

Works for me.

Easy access to lore is always a good thing.

Whatever draws the kids in these days, I suppose.

Roboriders vibes are always nice.

Sounds a little more affordable, which I suppose is smart, but my inner child is still somewhat disappointed with the scale so far.

Intriguing, but I’m going to be withholding my opinion until said pieces are actually visible.


As Whaddon and I touched upon in the Patreon Server, given the recent love for Galidor from some set designers on twitter, the possibility that this theme could be another swing at Galidor excites me.

Why? Because it’s a cool idea to bounce around.

Alternative hypothesis, the description of the theme being ‘Tron-like’ also leans me on the direction of something akin to REBOOT, by Rainnmaker Entertainment. Since that studio has been trying to reboot that franchise for a few years now.

Or maybe I’m crazy. But more CCBS is great. Period.


If there is a new CCBS theme, then I want a totally new i.p, not a reboot or anything. I just think a completely new line would be good and more interesting


plus it would be nice for LEGO to do something that’s more like what they did in the old days.

Remember when they had so many ideas, i miss Western, Pirates, the old Castle themes and the other more inventive LEGO ideas… like Insectoids or Rock Raiders.


I just want good colors and interesting pieces. Star wars gave us a couple neat pieces, but I want bright colorful sets again. I certainly hope this is real, but I’m not gonna get my hopes up.


I’m really hoping that these rumors are legitimate. As much as I love the System lines, I need a stable constraction line in my life.


I feel like this is going to be like the announcement of Artifact, everyone is going to be exicited at first, then they will see what it actually is and we will all be dissapointed



@Azani This information originated from /lg/ (Lego general) on 4chan, not /biog/ (Bionicle general)

Gives it 0,00001% more credibility I guess since it wasn’t directly aimed at Bionicle.

But We’ve seen these long hoaxes originate from elsewhere before to make them appear more legitimate. If you remember the one about 2016 bionicle sets, which started from Nexo Knights threads on Eurobricks, before it came into here.

The sheer effort the guy put into it made me believe it at first.

This 4chan leak as it currently stands is bare bones compared to that.
Still, I got excited for a moment and made that Pohatu speeder thing and Onua one

Enjoy those I guess.


You’re definitely right about that; in fact, I was just in the process of editing my initial post to say so. I was pretty burned out from exams and such this morning when I made this topic. That said, @GK733, I would disagree on the whole idea of “more credibility” - a source on /lg/ is less credible. I’d bet a million bucks that he or she is out to troll folks who like constraction.


well, when bionicle G2 sets were leaked everyone thought they were fake, let’s give it a chance

also I really dont see the appeal of roboriders

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I’m not dead set on whether I remember if you were around back then - did you got by a different name? Regardless, there was empirically more clout behind those rumors from the very start.

I mean, I hope that this is a thing; however, the standalone fact that I created this topic does not mean that I support the “hype”. I just don’t want clutter.


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well I joinned in sep 20. 2015

and I know there were more leaks, but people still said they were fake