Post-The End Sets

This topic is for discussing all the Bionicle-related purchases you have made since around 2011.

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Made one just a few weeks ago. the 2003 Makuta set. A set I've wanted for 10 years, ever since I first got into Bionicle. then just today it arrived. I've also been lucky to get all the Turaga and Toa Mata, and I picked Krekka up at the beginning of Summer. I also got the last two Toa Metru I needed to complete the set


The only purchase I've made so far post-2010 is Lesovikk from Amazon. I plan on getting at least Brutaka in the future.

I bought a used Pahrak Va in early 2011, a complete used Kuhrahk (which completed my Rahkshi collection), and I have made 4 Bricklink orders since last summer. A few days ago, I bought my first Bohrok (not Kal) off of Ebay. It was an UNOPENED Nuhvok. I got it today, and I am soooo pumped.

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I've bought several sets off Ebay these past two years. I've gotten at least 6-7 after BIONICLE's passing with the two I adore most being Pahrak and Gail Mata.


I love Bohrok. So much.

All the Toa Mata, all the Bohrok, Turaga Vakama, Nuhrii, Dekar, Jaller and Hewkii Inika, Fikou, Klakk, and a few mask packs, all of which I got on Amazon. I plan to get the rest of the Inika next.

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I've made a lot of post-end purchases from those poor poor souls selling them on Ebay. It's sometimes disappointing to see some of the listings as "Monsters" and "aliens", but I take what I can get.

I'm hoping to complete my Bohrok (Includes Va, Kal and Bahrag) collection within the year, and then start collecting krana and masks.

I got Lehrak, Tanma Gahdok and Lewa Nuva off of Bricklink. I picked up MISB Lesovik and Toa Ignika, Kongu (Tohunga), Lehvak, Tarduk, some Kanoka disc packs and a couple pounds of loose parts from a seller at a local convention. I also managed to get a few doxen Rotuka spinners for dirt cheap at... (you won't believe this)... a local grocery store stuck_out_tongue

When I got back into BIONICLE (or got into it for the first time, depending on how you look at it), I've filled in some of the "gaps" in my collection with purchases from eBay. The first one I did was a lot of 2 incomplete Lehvak, 4 Vahki (one missing his staffs), Nuju Metru, Visorak Suukorak, and Inika Matoro (missing a few Zamors), plus a random Slizer arm, for about $40 including shipping.

Other sets I got through eBay are Sidorak, Icarax, Umbra, Lhikan & Kikanalo, Onewa Metru, and Turaga Dume & Nivawk.

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I stopped buying once the sets where gone off the shelves. I really wanna order Turaga Vakama off of Bricklink, though.

I'm also trying to fill gaps. I have barely any '06 sets, and only one set from '07. '08 is less of a priority, but it'd be nice to have at least one of the Mistika Makuta. Probably Krika. '09 I don't really care about. If anything I'd be buying those for parts.

I got a mostly complete Muaka and Kane Ra set (only missing infected hau and a few pins) and an incomplete Nui Rama set with 2 throwbots and some kanohi off eBay last year.

About a week ago I got a box of 13 BIONICLEs for $40 that included:
Nocturn, Takadox, Carapar, Mantax, Kalmah, Ehlek, Hahli Mahri, Chirox, Voporak, Kirop, and then my favorites; Iruini Hagah, Hewkii Inika, and Matoro Inika.

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his one day i went out and bought mata nui kinna ackar gresh skrall vesk stronius

I have been defeated


I stopped buying regularly in 2007, and only bought two BIONICLE related items after 2009 (because I got the Stars in '09), being Pahrak and a BIONICLE Wrist Watch that looks 2001 themed (still in it's packaging, and I've not opened it yet). Got both of those off of eBay in 2010, and that was it. Haven't bought anything BIONICLE related since then.

Most of my current sets are rebuys, post 2011.

me too

I bought the 2003 takanuva tahu mata, garlok and just ordered pohartu phantoka and makuta chirox for £20 (sealed)

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I got Toa Mahri Matoro, Carapar, Mata Nui, Ackar, all the Metru, all the Vahki (except the red and white ones), all the Metrutoran (except Vhisola), Dume and Nivawk, Krekka, Nidhiki, Lhikan and Kikanalo, Hordika Onewa, Keelerak, Pohatu Nuva, Pohatu Mata, Bohrok Pahrak, and recently Panrahk (Brown Rahkshi) and Bordakh (blue Vahki) on Amazon since 2011. I got Rockoh T3 from a bookstore (of all places) and the Agori Zesk and Tarduk from Toys R Us in 2011.