Post Timestamp Glitch

I’ve noticed that over the past few days that the time applied to posts have been getting more and more inaccurate. First it was markes as 2 minutes on post, then 3, and now its 4. Something is definitely wrong and it’s gradually getting worse.


Ive noticed this as well, though only that right when a post is posted it’s marked as 3 minutes, but it hasn’t gotten any worse for me.

EDIT: Never mind, it has gotten worse, it shows 5 minutes now.

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I noticed this, but I never really noticed it was a glitch. I just thought it was time since you began typing.


EDIT: Yeah, there was a second where this post was “1m,” and it blinked to “4m.”

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Same here.
4 minutes

The message boards running on future time, they already knew we posted before we even typed it


This doesn’t happen to me all the time, but I have noticed it.

EDIT: okay this post was affected

We’re in the Endgame now, time is running out.

In all seriousness, I took a quick look through the settings and it doesn’t look like it’s anything in there (though I admit I know only the bare minimum about that side of things). I can’t promise this will get fixed if it doesn’t sort itself out just because as far as the boards go, it only shows how long ago you posted in minutes for an hour and then reverts to hours and days.

We’ll take another look but no promises it’s something we can fix.


It’s based on the time your computer is set at. Let’s say you set computer 3 days ahead, it makes your posts say they’re 3 days ago.

Other then that, it just randomly happens.

It does it on all my devices, though. Phone, Table, Computer…

Whatever the board time is set to it’s 4 minutes before what all our clocks are set to. It has its own internal server time which I have not been able to find a way to change. Not much on our end that we can do


And the problem has now grown worse by another whole minute. Hopefully it won’t get worse than this.

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I know, right?
This is weird

Yeah, it’s at 5 now.

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Another minute. This is getting out of hand.

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I think mine’s up to 8 minutes now.

Yeah. Me too.

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it’s currently at nine minutes

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yeah, this starting to get real annoying. Interestingly enough though, it shows the right time on the far right, where the side-scroll-bar-thingey is.

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For me, it’s 10. That’s weird. Maybe I have the time on my computer wrong actually.

Yeah, its up to 9 or 10 minutes now.

…what if we’re wrong… Losing 10 minutes everytime we post?