Post Your Character Concepts

Here you can post bios of Bionicle characters you come up with. This is kind of like the rpg character threads but with no rpg or limits on character abilities/jobs.

Have fun. :smiley:

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I really want to make a Batman/Joker Dichotomy (That’s what my teacher calls it) but I have like zero original ideas for it… =(.

Wow. This thread will be really useful for me soon. So, this is a place to post little character scetches?

Sketch as in drawing (if so, as long as there is some kind of bio with it) or as in written stories (if so, yes)?

I think both. Like brief bios and drawings.

Oh wow, a place for me to spout out all my G1 concepts that will likely never come to frutition. :stuck_out_tongue:

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As long as the drawing has a name and brief description. :smiley:

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Well here’s a character bio for my self moc.

Name: Dreysidel
Gender: Male
Role: Toa/Scavenger/Demolitions expert
Element: Earth
Mask: Volitak
Weapon(s): Dynamite, Grenades, Remote-detonation Bombs, and a cursed sword

Bio: Though he looks like a toa and is a toa, Dreysidel doesn’t really act like one. A master in explosives Dreysidel can predict the proper place to plant his explosives ahead of time. He spends his time traveling the galaxy looking for an adventure. He is calm and cool but can get annoying at times.

that’s all i got I may add later.

Name: Ekorak
Species: Matoran
Race: Alpha
Element: Destruction (Strong Antimatter/Limited Shadow/Weak Death, using Death drains Life Energy), Code
Unique Alpha Ability: Copycat
Kanohi: Woltrak
Weapon: Technoformation Staff

This seems to have become the self moc bio area. :stuck_out_tongue:
But they are characters too. :smiley:

I’ll get one up for Orrel once I get the chance.

Are you sure this is ONLY a bionicle character concepts thing? I mean this can be expanded to different series. Cuz I got alot of character concepts and only a few of em are bionicle characters

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Name: Litua
Species: Matoran
Element: Air
Weapon: a knife that only allows Litua to touch it.
Story: he was sent to Karzahni, then subsequently to Voya Nui. Becomes friends with Piruk. Has a knife that only lets him touch it, and has other mysterious abilities. He’s not sure why his knife doesn’t let anyone but him touch it–the knife is a mystery.

As soon as I actually draw something, I will be using this topic.